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50 Cent - Whut Up, Gangsta?

2007 will be remembered for Fifty as the year in which he had to give up his undisputed supremacy in the international rap business. At first Interscope did not want to release its album because, in their opinion, the record simply had no hits. However, Fifty got his head back and brought out four singles one after the other, all of which confirmed Interscope's fears rather than invalidate them. No In Da Club, no candy shop. Not even a just a lil 'bit. At most an outrageously calculated Timberlake / Timbaland collaboration, which entered charts and cell phones, but was all the further removed from the usual standards.

The release day finally turned into the finest hour of a completely different artist: Kanye West released his own album on the same day and surpassed Fifty by far in the hyped sales battle - at least in the motherland USA. In order to forget the public degradation by the Chicago teddy bear as quickly as possible, a new G-Unit album was hastily promised for December, which was postponed indefinitely due to insufficient hype. Not a good year for the fifty. Nevertheless, he spoke to Hiphop.de about the new G-Unit album and his future plans. Whut up, gangsta?

Shortly after 'Curtis' you already announced a new G-Unit album. That comes pretty quickly after your last release, which may come as a surprise to some people.

Well, work on the G-Unit record didn't just start after Curtis. In addition, there are four of us, which speeds up the process even more. Me, Llyod Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo ... so we could do this album four times faster than a solo release. I just pushed my track with Lil 'Kim ("Wanna Lick", editor's note) forward so that people would know that we're actually coming back that soon.

Who actually came up with the name 'Shoot To Kill' and what does it mean?

Shoot To Kill is inspired by a film I was working on while recording the album. The movie is called Righteous Kill and it's starring me, Al Pacino, and Robert de Niro. It's going to be out next year and its concept had a big influence on the album. You will see what I mean soon!

Since the last album together, 'Beg For Mercy', the G-Unit Camp has gone through a lot of changes. Artists came and went. Will that be a topic on the new album?

I don't think we're going to get into that much on this album at least. The first G-Unit album was mostly about me, Banks and Buck. As is well known, Tony was in prison at the time. With the new record, we will bring the G-Unit thing back to its roots as a solid group. You know, people didn't even know what G-Unit was when the first record came out. We were already a crew, but everyone thought Buck was just a replacement for Tony Yayo. He and Buck knew each other before Tony went to jail.

You announced that your next solo album 'Before I Self Destruct' might be your last too ...

This project is already running. I started with the concept of Before I Self Destruct before I decided to make Curtis out of it. The Curtis concept was just perfect, it's my third album after all and my grandfather was already called Curtis, so I'm Curtis the third. So I put the old concept aside for now. In any case, with Before I Self Destruct, my contract with Interscope is fulfilled. After that I could extend my contract, but maybe it will be time for me to move on.

Apart from 'Shoot To Kill' and 'Before I Self Destruct' - what else can we expect from G-Unit Records in the future?

(thinks for a long time) Tony Yayo. Tony Yayo's solo album. He's finished an album, he also had a lot of time, you know? He will definitely be the next one after these projects.

And when will that be? Before or after 'Before I Self Destruct'?

(thinks again) I'm not sure yet. Whether he should release or wait for Interscope. We'll just wait and see what the best move and the best moment for it is. Because the other two projects are pretty close to each other.

Diddy has been in the business since the nineties, you're not even half as long as he's in the business. Still, you've already made more money than him. What are you doing different

Well, there were people like Russel Simmons or Diddy who did different things than normal rappers. So I saw how they set up their businesses and in a sense followed in their footsteps. I was just interested in things that any entrepreneur would be interested in, not just a musician. I am self-confident and travel a lot and generally see myself as a different kind of hip-hop artist. I also value my body and my health. That's how I came across the fitness article.

You recently attacked Lil 'Wayne on a track. Lil 'Kim once said that she couldn't understand why, despite all your success, you are still so eager to confront other rappers. Where does that come from with you?

You know what it is, that's hip hop. After the whole thing with Biggie and 2Pac it subsided a bit, but the battle spirit has always existed. In this art form, it's just the nature of things. The artists compete against each other and I am part of it. I am hip hop. Beef brings its inconvenience to me, of course, but it never happens without a reason. I never started a battle to be able to say to myself "ok, this is your new challenge now".

Still, did you feel challenged by Lil 'Wayne?

You know, he's just close to some people I've had a few arguments with. For me, that was a sign that he probably shares their point of view. He makes a lot of friends with people who hate 50 Cent, you see? On the last G-Unit album I also said "I teach you how to stunt", which was directed at the cash money camp. You always call yourself the # 1 stunna.

Many of our readers make music themselves. As the most successful rapper on the planet at the moment, do you have any tips for her?

You have to stay focused and involve people in your plan. Sometimes people don't react to the material you release, but that doesn't mean that it is imperative for you to change at this point. It could just be that you just have to miss the moment when the listeners are interested in your stuff again. There was a time when people wanted to hear something really aggressive when DMX met that need. He dominated the game and after that it went more in an easy direction and people suddenly heard Ja Rule and Nelly. That was pop, hip-hop pop music. Then when I showed up it got harder again.

And what do you think rap will dominate in the next five to ten years?

Well, we're looking for the next one. But I'm not sure if we'll ever have a hip-hop star of my caliber again. The reason I say this is because I don't know if the majors will continue to invest in this line of business in the future. That they market a rapper worldwide again. Today they sell ringtones rather than CDs. Technology is changing the whole business.

What would it take to bring a new artist to your level?

A lot. First of all, it takes four basic things to be a star: The quality of the music, your performance, ambition and personality. It's not about recording a few tracks, taking nice photos and making a sexy music video. If the artist can't develop a relationship with his audience, it just won't work.