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When is a divorce final?

The Divorce proceedings can depending on the design and scope of the follow-up matters to be negotiated in the associationsix months and more include. Is the Divorce date finally reached, at the end of this there is usually the announcement of the divorce decision made by the court. But: The divorce has not yet become legally binding at this point. But off when exactly is a divorce final? And what about that Legal notice on yourself?

The most important things in a nutshell: Final divorce

  • If both spouses waive legal remedies on the divorce date, divorce will result right away legally binding.
  • If only one spouse is represented by a lawyer, the divorce usually becomes final one month after the divorce decision a.

You will find detailed information on the legal force of a divorce below.

How long does it take for the divorce to be final?

What does "legal force" mean?

Before we delve deeper into the point at which a divorce decree becomes legally binding, we first need one basic explanation of the term "legal force". Basically, the legal force determines in the legal sense, that an issued judgment or a resolution becomes finally effective.

A final decision is finally established and therefore incontestable.

When does a divorce become final? And what does legal force actually mean?

All points decided in a judgment are thereby legally secure, because are due to the legal force subsequent actions are often inadmissible. A distinction must be made above all between the material and the formal legal force:

  1. The formal legal force always refers exclusively to the objective valid status of a judgment - his Incontestability. It always occurs when a) the period granted by law has expired is without admissible legal remedies such as appeal, revision or complaint having been submitted, or b) all legal remedies exhausted and the final decision has fallen.
  2. The substantive legal force however, refers to the Contents of judgments - the Subject of dispute. Regulations made in these can, among other things, also include Claims of a party justify. If these are legally binding, so can Legal consequences such as garnishment suits or reminders take place in order to claim the existing claims (e.g. maintenance, compensation payments, etc.), should the debtor himself fail to comply.

Can the legal force be broken?

Although a legally binding decision is considered incontestable, German procedural law also provides options that the Can break legal force. This is especially the case when In individual cases, justice must take precedence over the legal certainty of the claimant.

In cases of doubt, a final judgment can also be revoked in the following cases:

Divorce final: when is the judgment final?

  • Resumption of proceedings: A procedure that has already been concluded will be resumed and renegotiated if there is a justified reason for this. In civil law, the resumption is only extremely rare possible.
  • Enforcement defense suit: Here, a debtor can take action against an existing title. If the illegality of the claim is recognized, the title can be made ineffective.
  • Amendment action: This can also be particularly appropriate with regard to existing maintenance titles, for example if the income situation of the maintenance debtor changes significantly or if the person entitled to maintenance is earning non-existent income at this point in time, which affects the maintenance claim.
  • Constitutional complaint: A complaint before the Federal Constitutional Court constitutes one extraordinary remedy that a person can use if their fundamental rights or similar have been violated. Before the constitutional complaint can be made, a hearing notice is usually required.
  • Referral decision: This is where the lawful Jurisdiction challenged by the ruling court itself. If the court did not have jurisdiction to hear the case, its judgment can be overturned. The process will be renegotiated at the competent court.
  • Reinstatement in the previous state: A divorce decree has become final because of the deadline for appeal through no fault of the person concerned has been neglected, the reinstatement can be applied for. The deadline is then reset and legal remedies can be lodged again.

But when exactly does the Legal force at the divorce decree a? Which Deadlines do you have to pay attention?

When is the divorce final?

If the spouses get divorced, the marriage is only considered to be completely dissolved, when the divorce decision has become final (Section 1564 of the German Civil Code - BGB). Not everyone is aware, however, that the divorce decision does not become legally binding once the divorce date has been completed and the decision has been read out orally. This is only under certain conditions possible:

Declare all parties unanimously in the divorce appointment Waiver of appeal, the divorce is final immediately. Since this is an application and one before the family court may only be brought forward by a lawyer, i.e. if a lawyer is required, both spouses must, however, be represented by a lawyer during the appointment.

Is it possible to lodge a complaint against the pension equalization after the divorce has become final?

However, this process is general rather discouraged. Most people wanting to divorce would like the proceedings to be ended as quickly as possible, but: In this troubled situation, one or the other can too Compromise entered prematurely become.

If the parties have enough time again after the divorce date to go through the decision they have made, perhaps one or the other point can get angry.

However, if the waiver of legal remedies was declared hastily at this point in time, is Not much can be done against a legally binding divorce decree, as can be seen from the above explanations.

So to be on the safe side, you and the other side should consider the Allow time for reflectionwhich will be granted to you ex officio after receipt of the divorce decree. Only when the The period of appeal then expired without the filing of the same is, the Divorce automatically becomes final. But what is the deadline here?

What is the legal deadline for divorce?

The legally allowed time limit for filing an appeal depends on the options available in each case. in the Divorce proceedings are after Law on the procedure in family matters and voluntary jurisdiction (FamFG) two legal remedies are admissible:

  1. the (legal) complaint - similar to the appeal in other processes - and
  2. the immediate complaint.
Which legal remedies are possible in your case, you can also use the Legal remedies which must be attached to every executed decision (Section 39 FamFG).

The immediate complaint is available as an appeal however only applicable to subsidiary or interim decisions - So about partial decisions on pension equalization, custody, apartment allocation and much more. m. If partial decisions were made in the divorce proceedings, you have according to § 569 Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) two weeks from the delivery of the decision Time for your attorney to bring the immediate complaint to court.

Complaint period expired = marriage legally divorced

The divorce decision is final after the period of appeal has expired - if no complaint has been made.

The Deadline for filing a complaint against the divorce decision is enclosed one month from delivery the copy (Section 71 (1) FamFG). The complaint does not initially have to be justified in detail. For the written justification you and your lawyer have then again a month Time (Section 71 (2) FamFG).

Conversely, this means: If you or your spouse do not lodge a complaint within one month of receiving the divorce decree, the divorce will automatically become final.

Hereafter your marriage is considered to be legally and conclusively repealed. Only legal remedies such as B. an amendment action or resumption can still be effective, provided that the process is based on convincing reasons.

After the divorce has become final, a complaint against a subsequent matter or the decision as a whole is no longer possible! If the divorce is final, no further legal remedies can be lodged.

However, the divorce decision sent to you must still be issued afterwards provided with the so-called "legal notice" in order to be able to provide information about the final divorce.

Does the divorce only be equalized when the divorce is final?

To 2009 the profit compensation took placeonly after a final divorce, since the date of the final dissolution of the community of gains was set as the key date for the final assets of the spouses.

With the Family law reform was a new deadline determined for this: After § 1384 BGB is since then with the dissolution of marriage Pending divorce to be used for figuring the final assets.

What does lis pendens mean? A distinction must be made between the two terms “legal force” and “lis pendens”. The divorce proceedings are pending, if the divorce petition has been served on the defendant by the court. It is only the beginning of the procedure, while the legal force indicates its final conclusion.

The meaning of the legal notice in divorce

Divorce - when is it final? And what does the endorsement mean?

Why do you actually need the divorce decree with final notice? Even if the divorce itself is officially final: The copy of the court order that you received after the divorce date cannot be considered as a effective evidence serve over divorce.

Regardless of whether you want to take your maiden name again after the divorce or have to provide proof of the divorce to the pension fund or insurance company: You need a for this legally valid and certified document or a certificate.

And even if regulations on child or post-marital maintenance have been made as part of the divorce, you need the certified decision. This then acts namely equally as a maintenance titlewith the help of which you can enforce your claims if the maintenance debtor refuses to pay by means of foreclosure or garnishment of wages.

The divorce decision with final notice is thus to a certain extent equate to your certificate of divorce. You must always keep this document carefully, as it is a legally valid document that you may need several times in your life.

How can you obtain the final notice on the divorce decree?

In the case of judicial decisions or judgments, authentication takes place differently than in the case of contracts no notarybut that competent local court yourself. In the legal office located there, you or your lawyer can use the Application for the final legal notice put. The clerks of the court are authorized to issue the final notice on the executed decision.

With this process, the divorce proceedings are deemed to have ended.

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When is a divorce final?
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