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3. Backlink Analyzer

Links remain one of the most important ranking factors that have not changed over the years. The number of backlinks and the quality determine how well your website performs in search results.

You can find some detailed information in the tab “Domain Analytics” with “Backlinks”.

Here we go:




So far so good, first of all typical off-page metrics, as you know from Ahrefs, MOZ and other SEO tools. Helpful informative, necessary but so far nothing extraordinary.

But wait ... a “Link Toxicity”Tracker that shows you harmful links?


That would be an absolutely unique selling point.

Here we have to right away Take a look, this is extremely interesting for the nerd here, because evaluating the quality of backlinks is extremely complicated and requires a lot of specialist knowledge and SEO understanding. Let's see what the tool is good for.


Why is that so important?

Google has made it very clear that your backlink profile is also your own responsibility. If you don't take care of it, you will face the consequences.

The problem, so far at least, was that cleaning up your backlink profile was a pretty tedious process. It can take days, weeks, or even months to find and remove a link within Search Console. So it took a long time to find out whether a spam link negatively affects your traffic growth.

Let's see, maybe this will make it easier.



A toxic link under 224?

That looks damn good, but why is that measured? Let's have a look.



That actually looks pretty reasonable so far, let's take a look at an excerpt from SEMRush's post:


What constitutes a "toxic link":


The SEMrush Backlink Audit Tool analyzes backlinks for over 30 toxic factors, which we call toxic markers internally. These markers are arranged in several groups:

Spam in communities
Take, for example, links in comments. According to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, links in comments are very likely to be surrounded by spam. Many spam links in the comment areas can cause a “red flag” on Google. Especially when there are some of them in the comments section.

Irrelevant sources
This should go without saying, but the subject of a referring domain should be related to the subject of the source domain. If the thematic alignment of these two types of domains is completely incoherent, that is a bad sign. For example, if your website is about Mexican cuisine, it will look strange if a car dealership website recommends you.

Link networks
When it comes to the links that come from the same network, we look for them using AdSence ID, Google Analytics ID, IP, Whois data and other signals. Links created on the coast from the same IP network are also considered spam.

Manipulative Links
You know the directory websites that list hundreds and thousands of domains, completely unchecked, on one page in an endless list? Yes sir. If a domain somehow ends up in such a spammy list directory, the “trust value” of the domain could be at risk.

Harmful environment
If there are malicious or penalized domains pointing to your website, your website automatically becomes a similar hazard to Google.

In addition, we carry out floor-based link, page and domain analyzes. Then we analyze the frequency of the toxic markers (how often this or that marker has been discovered) and create a toxicity formula that identifies the toxic level of each link compared to all the others.


My opinion on the "backlink audit"

Okay, that sounds really good to you (especially as a layperson) a Lawreliableoverview via your own backlink quality and, if necessary, also Reliably ward off negative SEO attacks and to be able to disavow. However, as with keyword difficulty meters, I would never rely on it 100%, but rather consult a trained SEO eye.



But this backlink audit tool does that everything much easier. This tool can be the easiest tool to keep your backlink profile clean. I am impressed!

On the way into the future, where backlinks and the overall link profile only become more important, this tool becomes a real one Game changer be!