Why are athletes considered heroes

Sports heroes: analytical model and practical application


Heroes We encounter them everywhere today, whether in the cinema, on television or in literature - they are omnipresent. Be on TV regularly Everyday heroes wanted and honored. In the film industry it is often dated Screen heroes the speech and in literature becomes the term hero often used as a synonym for a protagonist.

But there is hardly any other area of ​​society where the term hero is used so often, and sometimes in an inflationary way, as in sport. Each sport seems to have its own heroes. But what exactly is behind the term Sports herowhat exactly makes an athlete a hero and what is the difference to the term star?

In the master's thesis, a three-stage analysis model is developed, with the help of which heroes of sport can be defined. The first requirement to be considered a sports hero is outstanding sporting success such as an Olympic victory or winning a world championship. In addition, the athlete must have a certain acceptance in the media and be adored by a larger group of fans. The model is applied in practice to Boris Becker. Furthermore, other types of heroes, such as the tragic or failed heroes and various special forms, are exemplified.