What is the temperature in Dubai in February

With slightly warmer temperatures than in the previous months, Dubai is haunted by the Shamal winds, which is why the weather can be very different. Aside from the fact that February is the windiest month, it is also a bit wet, with an average of five days of rain. Nonetheless, February is a good month to enjoy.

This new weather service includes several factors at the same time to evaluate the weather situation in Dubaï. So you already know whether the weather is good for your favorite holiday activities, e.g. hiking, sightseeing, lying on the beach or water sports. The tourist weather forecast evaluates weather data from the last 10 years with regard to several factors at the same time: perceived outside temperature, humidity, water temperature, sun intensity and wind strength.

Check our weather forecast for Dubaï and pack your bags relaxed!

  • heat
  • Precipitation
  • Sun
  • Swimming
  • wind
  • humidity

The weather forecast is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with travel destinations with under 20 points having a bad weather situation, but with over 79 points having a very good weather situation.
Overall, the weather index is:

  • Very good (grade between 80% and 100%)
  • Good (grade in the range between 60% and 79%)
  • Medium (grade in the range between 40% and 59%)
  • Bad (grade in the range between 20% and 39%)
  • Very bad (grade between 0% and 19%)

Tips for a vacation in Dubaï:

  • Windbreaker
  • Umbrella, just in case
  • comfortable shoes