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With strength training you have a lasting effect on your metabolic activities.

More muscle and less fat - with strength training you increase your basal metabolic rate and reduce your body fat percentage. Get the most out of you through targeted muscle building and an active lifestyle.

Time to gain weight: on muscles.

When it comes to losing weight, women and men think of more sport, more exercise, less food, fewer calories and a diet. And all with the aim of reducing the percentage of body fat. But if you want to lose weight sustainably and permanently improve your health, metabolism and appearance, you should integrate strength training into your training plan in addition to a protein-rich diet. Why? Because strength training signals to the body that it needs muscle mass. So the body normally falls back on body fat in the phase of losing weight. Without weight training, there is a good chance that you will lose muscle mass in addition to fat. The consequence: your performance decreases.

When fat is bad for your health.

Muscles are like motors that use up energy. They can lead to decisive advantages for the quality of life and the figure.

But if we put on more and more fat over time and our muscles shrink at the same time, this leads to an unfavorable balance. In addition to aesthetic appearances Obesity can also bring health problems with it and lead to metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Other consequences are high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, strokes, etc. And even the back is affected.

Many consequences, one solution.

The solution is strength training, combined with a balanced diet with an adequate supply of proteins. In this way you have a lasting influence on metabolic activities. In addition to looking better, you will get many health benefits, such as:

Improve sugar tolerance
Improve the body's heat regulation
Increase endurance capacity

Those who just starve lose muscle instead of fat.

A diet can make the corresponding successes visible on the scales, but this is deceptive. If you want to get your figure in shape, you shouldn't go on a diet alone. It is more promising to get your metabolism and fat burning going through strength training. If you just reduce food intake, you lose weight quickly, but it is not just the fat affected. It also affects the muscles up to 30%.

However, if you regularly and consistently do strength training in addition to reduced food intake, the body receives the signal that the muscle mass is needed. As a result, more fat mass is broken down. You retain your strength and performance.

Two tips on nutrition:

Tip 1: A protein-based diet prevents muscle protein from being used to gain energy when the calorie intake is reduced. At the same time, there are enough proteins available to build muscle. Animal products such as milk, meat, fish or eggs and plant-based products such as legumes or nuts provide additional protein.

Tip 2: Drink water. Replacing sugary drinks with water can save you a lot of calories. In addition, a study by researcher Rebecca Muckelbauer suggests that increased water consumption helps you lose weight.

Strong muscles bring the decisive advantage.

Our body uses energy 24 hours a day. The skeletal muscle matches supply and demand, whereby it can fall back on several energy resources. The basal metabolic rate alone accounts for around 60 to 70% of the daily energy requirement. This is the amount of energy that your body uses at rest to maintain vital basic functions such as heartbeat, breathing, blood circulation, digestion and heat production. Your muscles also consume energy around the clock and, for this purpose, burn sugar and fat, among other things. It is your largest metabolic organ. If the muscles are trained, they consume more energy - even when they are resting. Therefore: Generate muscles that firstly increase your fat burning and secondly tone your figure.

Measurement of body composition

The goal is clear: less fat, more muscle. The bioelectrical impedance analysis, or BIA for short, provides you with visible results. The analysis system provides information about the distribution of your muscle and fat mass. And that in just 24 seconds.

For me, strength means wellbeing and independence.

Isabelle Lochmann had a cruciate ligament tear when she was 16 years old. The doctor's advice was: never jog again. At first, the sporty woman listened to the instructions and stopped doing sports. However, the consequences were noticeable in her work as a flight attendant. The job is physically demanding. Lochmann repeatedly had problems with his back and shoulder. After starting at Kieser Training, her pain was gone after two or three months. She has also started to strengthen her leg muscles. Now she can go jogging again. And in addition to all the health benefits, she has also lost seven kilograms. Since then she has done her job as a flight attendant again with ease.

Find out more about Isabelle Lochmann.

For me, strength means a better quality of life and more self-confidence through a well-trained body.

Tennis over 50: knees and back complain. That is why Thomas Haase regularly goes to training. But it's not just the health aspect that drives him there. "The muscles are visually visible and I think that's good," he says. Healthy, slim and well-trained - the enthusiastic tennis player achieves several advantages through strength training. In addition to training, he also changed his diet. He lost 10 kilos in one year. Haase normally plays tennis with those over 50, but during the summer he can stay with the 40 plus team. You can't tell from his age that he doesn't belong there.

Find out more about Thomas Haase.

Lose weight with strength training - Twice 30 minutes of Kieser training a week help to regulate the body fat percentage over the long term. In a free introductory training course, you will learn more about the effects of strength training.

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