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This book is the funniest version of the otherwise inevitably humorless sentence: Sexism is a structural problem.

Marie Schmidt / Süddeutsche Zeitung


It is so important not to feel threatened by other women, but also to stick together within the generations.

Jovana Reisinger in an interview with Anna Steinbauer in the Süddeutsche Zeitung


Thanks to precise and simple, but never simple language, Reisinger succeeds in describing the problems and objectification of women in patriarchy. That makes her so humorous that while reading you forgets how oppressive the role stereotypes she portrays can actually be. And it is also important not to forget to laugh in patriarchy.

Maxi Beigang / Berliner Zeitung


The author and filmmaker Jovana Reisinger has written a cheerful and at the same time bitterly angry book about being a woman.

Laura Beck / BR


Reisinger loves exaggeration and deconstructs gender injustices with smug lightness.

BR Capriccio


"Front runner" tells of female anger and perseverance, of old power structures and new longings - sober, ruthless and full of humor.

radio one


A satire about patriarchy and role models.

Nadine Kreuzahler / rbb inforadio


"Front runners" is evil and funny at the same time and shows us the structural problems of society, the role stereotypes and stereotypes.

Nadine Kreuzahler / rbb culture


So beautifully angry, so beautifully angry, so beautifully overdrawn and yet loving. It's great fun to experience Jovana Reisinger's characters and to immerse yourself with them in these situations that we all somehow know or think we know. This reading is a pleasure!

Jörg Petzold / FluxFM


In her second novel, Reisinger describes the concentrated load of different forms of sexism and nonetheless creates many entertaining moments as well as an entertaining narrative overall

Katja Egler / Choices


accompanied by the malicious gaze of a narrator reminiscent of Elfriede Jelinek. With emotions, emotions on the dissection table, implosions and microaggressions veiled in substitute acts, she deconstructs and decouples scenes that would represent happiness and self-being in the general consciousness.

Heidrun Küster / ekz.bibliotheksservice


Once again, she has succeeded in writing an intense novel that is overwhelming at the same time but does not forget to be entertaining and entertaining.

Jovana Reisinger in an interview with Gregor van Dülmen on postmondän


Reisinger's episode novel is written with furor and a cutting sense of humor [...] Reisinger gains the energy of her scenes from the sociological perspective with which she examines the interactions between people, the social contexts and the resulting psychodynamics.

Daniel Graf / Republic


I found it exciting that it wasn't just about women between 20 and 30, but that the perspectives of older women were also included. It is not rated, it is not shown what should be done differently or even better - all stories, all feelings have their justification. And therein lies the great benefit of this book.

Lynx books


Dear men, read! Dear women, also, but many situations seem all too familiar to you. Unfortunately! This book shines from the inside out, which is made clear by the golden letters on the book.

We read Indie


"Front runners" is the name of this refined, evil, brilliantly clever, elegant, sometimes very funny, then again terrifyingly harsh episode novel. And it's about top runners, about women and their goals, about their possibilities and roles. Self-chosen and stamped. And most of all, it's about courage. That women need. And have. Great book !!

Marion reads


In her new novel “Spitzenreiterinnen”, Jovana Reisinger takes common social clichés about how the ideal woman should be, how she behaves, what her role is in her respective environment, soberly and frighteningly honestly and pointedly. [...] The clear words, the wicked humor, the sad truth that lies behind the stories - all of this makes "Frontrunners" an important, haunting and timely novel for me.



While some episodes are amusing and brimming with black humor, some fates are moving towards a monstrous end. All of this makes you incredibly angry, because as a woman you know these behavioral patterns of men only too well from your own everyday life. In some cases Reisinger writes very pointedly, you can tell in her book that she is also a filmmaker and has an eye for detail. Nevertheless, everything is very consistent and you literally fly through the pages, always looking to find out how things are going on with Laura, Petra, Barbara, Lisa, Tina, Emma, ​​Jolie, Verena and Brigitte. ⠀



Reisinger plays with role clichés and packs everything into a very entertaining and bitterly evil novel. Reisinger entertained me pretty well with black humor, Bavarian dialect and a very sober and reduced writing style.



Soberly and relentlessly, Jovana Reisinger tells of women who have to assert themselves in a misogynist society. Conclusion: great cover. Pointed book.



Despite the fact that as a reader you get an insight into the lives of all women, in some places a little deeper than in others, in the end it is only a short moment, an excerpt, a look into the window of the respective protagonist. And yet this novel is approachable, every story very close to reality and could just as well go on behind every facade in the neighborhood.

feminist reading


I would like a lot more from Jovana Reisinger and other authors who observe our world so carefully and intelligently and let us participate in their observations through their voices and make grievances visible.



A strong book with a very chic cover!