Why is Thanksgiving so late in 2019

What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the English word for:Black Friday.
People used to think:

It is Friday?
And this Friday is on the 13th day of a month?
Then we have this Fridayno Luck.
And that day is thenno good day.

But Black Friday has been a special day since 2013.
This is what people say today:Black Friday.
Or: shopping day.
Black Friday is always in Americaone day after the day of celebrationThanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is always the 4th Thursday in November.

Many shops have special offers on Black Friday.
And there are also special offers on the Internet.

What happened that day

On Black Friday, many stores sell their goods forLess Money.
This can save people a lot of money sometimes.
Maybe you can buy clothes cheaper.
Or maybe you can buy a TV cheaper.
And that's why people should be lucky on this day.

Not all businesses make these offers.
AndNot all dealers on the internet make these offers.
And the dealers make these offers toojust for certain goods.
AndNot the goods are always really cheaper.
You should therefore watch your goods a few weeks in advance.
Just then you can know:

I can really buy these goods for less money on Black Friday.
Or this product is on Black FridayNot really cheaper.