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The 5 strongest fighters from The Seven Deadly Sins

In The Seven Deadly Sins, ancient Britain becomes the scene of bloodcurdling battles and epic adventures - but which warrior has the upper hand in battle? We have tried to determine the strongest characters for you!

In a time well before industrialization there was still room in the world for mystical miracles: For example the existence of magicians, gods and demons, who in The Seven Deadly Sins give absolutely nothing to each other in fast-paced swaps for the peace of the world!

But which of the numerous brave fighters from the Shounen epic by Nakaba Suzuki leaves all the others behind in terms of strength? We have tried to clarify this question and present you the in our opinion strongest characters from The Seven Deadly Sins!

The following top list is based on an evaluation of various community rankings, as well as our own assumptions and is no official list! The strength of the The Seven Deadly Sins characters is debatable - if you see certain things differently, please write to us in the comments!

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5th place: Elizabeth

Despite her petite and rather weak appearing appearance, the reigning princess of Britain has it sly old ears! At Meliodas' side, Elizabeth has unleashed the powers of the clan of gods several times and shows the ability to tame light in the most varied of ways.

Whether as a blade, beam or effective means against the darkness of the demon clan, Elizabeth is a powerful warrior and also able to do so to her friends to stand by with healing magic. If she has to show agility in a fight, Elizabeth swings herself into the air with wings reminiscent of an angel and from there she can make the saying "All good things come from above" come true ...

4th place: Derieri

The snappy Derieri is part of the Ten Commandments and thus has demonic powers to bring her enemies to their knees. With the darkness in her hand, she can see it in channel different attacksto fire your opponent in different ways or to catapult yourself into the air with the help of pitch-black wings.

Her most dangerous trick, on the other hand, is the Combo Star - an attack whose power increases with every further blow and increases her power level until even Derieri actually superior opponents like Meliodas or the Archangels kneel in front of her. And if, despite everything, the going gets tough, the fighter takes on the Indura form, which is her one overwhelming power gives her, while in the same breath it also robs her of all mind ...

3rd place: Estarossa

Estarossa is another part of the ten commandments and strives for the status of demon king with his incredible power. Like his comrades, he can also make use of the powers of darkness and thus defy Meliodas himself without great effort. In addition to his similar appearance, he shares another connection with the commander of the Seven Deadly Sins, as both have mastered the technique of Full counter.

But while the blonde grinning cheek can absorb and redirect magical attacks with her energy, Estarossa counters physical attacks and fires them back at his opponents twice as hard. With Hellblaze, Rebellion, Blackout, Killing Saucer and Decree Absorption, it also deals with the darkness and, coupled with its high agility, is a serious enemy ...

2nd place (1): Meliodas

As already mentioned in the last part, Meliodas is the owner of the magical full counter and sends back man-driven attacks with double the energy to their sender. In addition to this specialty, he has also mastered the power of the Kami Chigiri, through which he only needs to swing his sword once to get straight multiple opponents banish into nirvana.

Behind the curly gold facade lies an unimaginable power from his time with the Ten Commandments in Meliodas Attack mode re-emerges and counts to the strongest powers of the entire series. Beyond good and evil, he unleashes the full power of darkness and at the same time loses all emotions, making him extremely powerful, but incredibly dangerous even for his own comrades ...

1st place (2): Escanor

In the internet communities of this world there are piles of debates about whether Escanor or Meliodas can now adorn themselves with the title of the strongest The Seven Deadly Sins character. That's why you can enjoy our two top spots swap with each other at will, as there are ardent supporters of both theories and no completely clear statement on the subject.

The forces of the mustached Escanor are literally a difference like day and night: Because in the sunlight its strength unfolds, which makes it even stronger from hour to hour until it becomes one around noon Invincibility status achieved and almost nothing or anyone can stop you. Even Estarossa describes Escanor's forces in battle as "superhuman" and other otherwise strong opponents also paid tremendous respect for the sin of pride.

Once its energy has reached its maximum, Escanor can split or impale opponents with simple hand movements and is playfully easy with geternal masses of magical power around. When dusk falls, however, it shrinks to its actual, slender form and a power level that is hardly worth mentioning ...

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