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Hamburger recipe

For the preparation of this Hamburger recipe should first be timed or one day before according to prescription Hamburger buns or Spelled hamburger bun the buns are baked.
You can also bake twice as much and freeze the remaining burger rolls as a small supply.

For the beef garnish:
Ground beef with 15-20% fat content (with very lean ground beef less than 10% fat, the meat slice does not hold together well and becomes crumbly) season with salt and freshly ground pepper, knead and turn it into a thinner beef patty that is slightly larger in diameter than the bread roll diameter, to shape.
Then the meat slice should be pressed a little straight and flat. You can do this in a burger press if you have one, press it smoothly with your hand or place a piece of cling film on the meat slice as an intermediate layer, over a breakfast board and press it very briefly with both hands.
Now put the ground beef platter wrapped in foil in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or longer.

For the completion and construction of the hamburger:
Cut the hamburger bun crosswise.
Roast the cut surfaces on the grill, under the grill in the oven, in the toaster or in a heavy pan until golden brown.
While doing this, press the bun halves down a little with your hand.
The purpose of this is to ensure that the bun is evenly browned and does not become soggy as quickly after filling.

Wash the lettuce leaves briefly, shake dry.

Cut 1 - 2 slices from a larger tomato or beefsteak tomato, place on a double layer of kitchen paper, so that the tomato juice is soaked up a little and the tomato slice is a little less watery.

For the remaining topping, either cut 1/3 of the pickled cucumber lengthways into thin strips, or cut a few slices from a green cucumber.

Cut a few thin slices from a red onion or, even better, slice it.

Either fry the beef patty briefly in a pan in a little oil, then slowly fry for about 3 minutes on each side with the medium temperature turned down. Before doing this, press in the minced meat in the middle with your finger, which prevents the thin slice of meat from bulging too much. Or grill under the grill in the oven, on the wood oven grill or electric grill.

For filling Now quickly spread the two halves of the roll on the roasted cut surface thinly with mustard and pour some ketchup or mayonnaise over them.
Next, place the lettuce on the lower part of the bun. Place the pickled cucumbers or green cucumber slices on top.
Cover with the beef mince. If you wish, spread some ketchup or your favorite cocktail sauce on the meat, layer the tomatoes and onion rings on top and cover with the top part of the roll covered with mustard and ketchup, enjoy freshly prepared.

It is even better if several people eat with them, put the ingredients on the table for topping, prepare the rolls and patties and everyone can make their own hamburger according to their own taste.

1 hamburger recipe contain a total of approx. 360 kcal and approx. 28 g fat

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