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Fish Cut Lehenga Choli - How Do I Find the Best Fish Cut Lehenga Choli?

Would you like to go shopping for Diwali? How about a fish cut lehenga instead of a saree or a regular lehenga? A fish-cut lehenga has a distinctive fishtail shape, the ends are spread out like fins. It's very flattering on all body types and gives the illusion of a bigger and slimmer frame.

When you wear a fish cut lehenga, it gives you a beautiful silhouette, almost mermaid-like shape. It accentuates the curves of your hips, makes your legs appear long and ends at the end to reveal the perfect feminine posture. So it's no wonder fish cut lehengas are insane in young girls and women alike.

So what should you consider when buying a fish cut lehenga choli?

The flicker

While the torch on the ends is what gives the fish cut lehenga a unique look in latest lehenga designs, make sure that the torch is the right amount to flatter your figure. If you're short and a little heavy on your hips, too much flicker will only make you look shorter and thicker. The torch should start at your knees, somewhere higher than that is just a recipe for disaster.

The fit

Make sure the lehenga is a perfect fit for you. If it's loose in places, get an expert tailor to adjust it to look like a second skin. There is nothing as unsightly as a poorly fitting fish cuts lehenga. If your lehenga is loose, you will look limp and out of shape, and this is a nightmare no woman should go through. So always take your lehenga to emphasize it.

The material

Another important factor that many people overlook is the material. The lehengas material also affects how well it drapes over your body and how flattering it looks. Heavily worked lehengas must be handled carefully and can wear off with weight. So make sure that they are well sewn and that the cloth used can support the weight of the stones and chumkis used. Avoid satin lehengas as satin loses its shape and discolor easily over time.

The quality

Check that the lehenga has been carefully stitched. If it is a heavily machined lehenga, check for an inner lining of fabric to protect the thread from damage. The problem with lehengas, which are cheap, is that they often don't make details like a second seam to keep the stitches from fraying, carefully made stitches that aren't too visible and harsh, and good quality thread and embellishments are used sure the designs will last for years to come. So the quality of the lehenga is very important, and more so for a fish cut lehenga, as it is very important for the lehenga to be flawless to get the desired effect.

Here are some exquisite fish cut Lehenga Cholis available from online retailers.

A yellow fish cut lehenga made with net and frills would look lovely. Add a contrasting color like red to enhance the outfit.

The lehenga design, cut below, is made from Bhagalpuri silk. This color combination of blue and pink is one of the most beautiful combinations.

Not everyone can wear a fish cut lehenga pattern with grace and elegance. So make sure you are comfortable and just make your choice for this style.

There are several ways to wear a lehenga fish cut. You can introduce variations by draping the dupatta in different styles.

Nowadays you can find a lot of designer fish cut lehenga for girls. Whether you're looking for a simple style or something great like the one below, there is a perfect fishnet lehenga for every girl.

You don't have to limit your choices to party clothes. Bridal fishnet lehengas are also growing in popularity. Take a look at some of the bridal lehenga designs cut below.

If you don't like cutting a lehenga choli into fish then you can try fish cutting lehenga saree.

Images source: pinterest.com