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3 Epic Anime Tips Like Attack on Titan!

With food and hunters, fighting and tactics, anger and happiness, Attack on Titan has developed into one of the most successful anime of all time and knows how to inspire again in the current spring season. We introduce you to three titles with which you can shorten the waiting time for the next AoT episode!

In the current season of the fantasy epic Attack on Titan, the air is bad: The decisive battlet between the death-defying reconnaissance troop and the overpowering titan walkers stands in line and reaches unprecedented proportions.

But not only inside and outside the walls of Shiganshina is raging nerve-wracking life and death struggle, also a number of other anime emulate the epic about Eren and his friends sometimes more, sometimes less voluntarily and try to inspire you with huge end-time action.

We have picked out three particularly epic copies for you!

Seraph of the End

That's what Seraph of the End is about

As if from nowhere, a deadly virus breaks out one day, which only stops at the offspring of human beings when it destroys humanity. Malicious vampires and take advantage of this opportunity keep the human children as slaves from now on stuck in underground cities to feed on their young and refreshing blood.

But the twelve-year-old fighter Yuuichirou has had enough of life as a walking blood bank and breaks free from the chains of his tormentors in a spectacular escape, which for him, however, in one horrific tragedy ends.

Once on the surface, completely traumatized, Yuuichirou is in the final refuge of the human species, a city surrounded by high walls, and soon embarks on a hateful campaign against the bloodsuckers as part of the army ...

That's what makes the anime special

Not just the now almost legendary style of the AoT Studios Wit makes Seraph of the End feel similar to the battle of the titans, but also pursues the story of a boy who swears revenge against misanthropic monsters because of bitter losses in a dystopian world, with goals similar to Hajime Isayama's cult story.

But instead of a rustic medieval setting, aspiring vampire hunters can expect one fantasy world based on the modern age full of exciting mysteries that need to be resolved bit by bit. In addition to the oppressive survival atmosphere, the anime can also score points with one or the other fighting-shounen-esque fight and takes you on an exciting journey full of emotional conflicts.

The provider Universal published the series in full with German dub on DVD and Blu-ray. Seraph of the End is currently not available as a stream anywhere, but the underlying, still ongoing manga with 14 volumes so far has been published by Kazé Manga.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

That's what Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is all about

While the technical development of mankind is on the upswing in the midst of the industrial revolution, there is suddenly an outbreak of terrible viruses: The infected die and are then called "Kabane", zombie-like creatures with an impenetrable heart of steel.

While mankind has withdrawn into iron fortresses that can only be reached from one another by heavily armored trains, the young mechanic Ikoma dreams of one day breaking away from the oppression of the Kabane and is screwing a weapon for this purpose, which the Penetrate hearts of monsters should.

But fate turns when there is a train accident one day, as a result of which Ikoma is infected with the Kabane virus, and by a hair's breadth Existence as a walking dead escaped. As a being called "Kabaneri" between man and Kabane, he and the other survivors of the incident are now on the agonizing way home ...

That's what makes the anime special

If an anime from the last few years turns out to be true blockbuster may denote, then it is Kabaneri! Code Geass author Ichiro Okouchi is not only responsible for the story of the zombie adventure, but none other than the Attack on Titan team around director Tetsuro Araki and Studio Wit is responsible for the implementation!

No wonder, then, that the story begins like a »Steampunk-Attack-on-Titan«Works, but after a few episodes the anime turns out to be the Japanese answer to The Walking Dead, with a captivating survival atmosphere, psychological dips and thrilling action!

If you want to buy your own ticket into the dark world of the Kabane, you can do so in Japanese with German subs on Amazon Prime Video. The publisher Kazé also announced that the series will be on the shelves with German synchronization on DVD and Blu-ray in the near future.

Black Bullet

That's what Black Bullet is about

When one day evolution dares to take a wrong step and the development of the nightmarish gastrea virus the flora and fauna were transformed into horrific beasts that wiped out much of the human race in the blink of an eye. If a pregnant woman becomes infected with the virus, she gives birth to a girl with gastrea features and superhuman abilities - a cursed child.

The only antidote to the unimaginably strong monsters is the rare metal Ballanium, which is now supposed to keep Gastrea away from the cities in gigantic monoliths. In spite of this deceptive security, gastrea sightings continue to occur within the communities for turmoil, but to protect the residents there are people like Rentarou Satomi - so-called promoters.

At the side of his initiator Enju, a cursed child, he struggles with sometimes more, sometimes less profitable jobs through a largely carefree life. But one day an order from the Empress of Tokyo puts the couple in front of one tough challengewhere death follows them every step of the way ...

That's what makes the anime special

The Made in Abyss-Studio Kinema Citrus In 2014, in collaboration with Studio Orange (Korasho no Kaitei Wakuwaku Daibouken!), created a grueling and dystopian vision of the future, whose action-packed story still carries the glimmer of hope.

Thanks to the lovingly crafted characters, elaborate action sequences and, last but not least, a good portion of cuteness, numerous fans were literally able to refine their way through the masterful direction of director Masayuki Kojima Missing out on adventure, which is not quite as depressing as the previous titles, but can nonetheless keep up in terms of tension!

The chronicles of the fight against Gastrea are available in German dub either on Blu-ray or as a stream on Wakanim or Netflix! The underlying light novel, which has unfortunately been paused for some time, has also been fully published by Tokyopop.

Now it's your turn!

Which anime do you think is most worthy of following in the titanic footsteps of Attack on Titan?

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