How to renew a Guatemalan passport

Can a Guatemalan / Spanish citizen enter Guatemala with an expired Guatemalan passport?

My girlfriend and I are going to visit Guatemala together. She is a Guatemalan and now has Spanish citizenship (along with a Spanish passport).

Her Spanish passport is current, but her Guatemalan passport has expired.

Will this be a problem for her when she enters Guatemala? What passport should she show?


Spanish citizens do not need a visa to enter Guatemala for 90 days.

I would therefore generally advise her to use the Spanish passport, as there will be no questions about immigration. She can then have her Guatemalan passport renewed in the country.

If the immigration officer sees the expired passport, chances are they will let them through without question, but most likely they will check to see if there is something wrong with their legal status. This can take some time, cause questions, etc.

I don't think it's worth the effort if she can get through with the Spanish passport without any problems.

Not familiar with the specific laws of Guatemala, but in general:

  • Typically, you can enter your country of citizenship using any ID that clearly proves your citizenship (with varying degrees of effort). An expired passport should be sufficient. However, she would almost certainly need a new Guatemalan passport to be able to leave (i.e. she would not be able to use the Spanish one to exit if she did not use it to enter).
  • Some countries disapprove of their citizens with a passport from another country (it's illegal in the US), but many are okay with this.

I hope someone has a specific answer for Guatemala.

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