What are your only moments in Dubai

Dubai - Souk Madinat Jumeirah & Dubai Desert Safari

Also the third and last part of ours wonderful, entertaining trip I don't want to withhold from you to Dubai. Actually, I had originally planned to write a single article about the almost 9 days vacation for you. However, there were so many great photos, so many impressions and experiences that there were three - Hopefully informative, interesting or just visually arousing the desire to travel - Contributions have become. Four, if you add that I wrote an outfit guide for you girls, which will follow in a few days as a small bonus! :)

From the days before and after ours exciting day trip to Abu Dhabi, our impressions of the country, people and culture, our dream hotel on the palm tree as well as previous highlights such as the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall and the Atlantis Aquarium, I already reported to you in the very first Dubai Post. However, on Thursday and Friday we each had something special to do - and I would like to tell you about them today.

Abra ride through Madinat Jumeirah

Before starting the trip - something between the door and the hinge, because honestly I had a lot of time between booking, full-time job, the blog and whatever other personal and everyday life, not informed - on various travel blogs, websites and also on Instagram what the must-do's in Dubai are. What I read several times was an abra ride through Madinat Jumeirah. No sooner said than done, we planned the leisurely sunset cruise on Thursday evening.

The Madinat Jumeirah, which means as much as ‘City of Jumeirah’, is a hotel and leisure center With an integrated souk, 45 restaurants, bars and cafes and a wonderful 3.7 km long water and lagoon landscape that runs through the complex with the best view of the Burj Al Arab, the 7 * hotel in Dubai. The hotel guests of the various hotels located there get to their rooms by water taxi (Abra) - but you can also book this comfortably as a tourist and take a trip through the waterways.

The ride is really fun, you are on the road for a total of 20.25 minutes and you have enough time to look, be amazed and take photos. You are on the long boat with about 5.6 others and can be comfortably sailed through the super beautiful and traditionally Arabic complex. I would you too Recommend the drive to sunset - you can see how nicely the light changes. Incidentally, you can hardly get any closer to the Burj Al Arab. However, you pay just under € 25 per person and then you have to see whether it is worth the price of € 50 for around 25 minutes of travel. We said afterwards that it was quite nice, but in any case not an absolute must-do.

By the way, we were in before the Mall of Emirates, of which we didn't see that much - we were a little later than planned (the distances in Dubai are bigger than you sometimes think) and really wanted to do the Abra ride in the Madinat Jumeirah at sunset.

Then we're on the Marina - the port of Dubai, where you have quite a few restaurants, cafes and shops and have a nice view of parts of the palm tree. Nevertheless, we were not blown away by the marina - you expect a promenade like in Europe, on islands like Ibiza or Mallorca, for example, and here, too, you are welcomed with skyscrapers, long distances and yes, in this case, cool, modern cleanliness. So is the marina too not an absolute must-do for us when on vacation in Dubai. But we had a great dinner in ja - the cheesecake factory - and a super loving waiter on top of that. So anyway: a super nice evening!

Desert Safari - Dune bashing, sandboarding & Bedouin village in the Dubai desert

On Friday there was another highlight that we were also looking forward to: The safari in the desert of Dubai including dune bashing, sandboarding and Co. I admit - at the beginning I actually wanted to skip this highlight of the trip to Dubai, which is recommended everywhere. On the one hand, I or we have already been to desert countries several times; Among other things, I made two trips through the stone desert of the Atlas Mountains in Marrakech in 2014. On the other hand, I try to avoid moments like riding on camels ’or‘ traditional dance shows ’, because I consider them to be tourist amusement.

The other way around, I've never been to such a desert - and my dream would have been in advance, one relaxed, privately guided safari to make there. But that would have been over relatively quickly, because you can't really do that much - without the program around it.

However, several people recommended that I go on the safari - yes, we have trips to the sunset - from the afternoon into the evening and the BBQ at night in the Bedouin village We have been advised to take it with us several times. Since I really wanted to see the desert with its breathtaking, red dunes, we got into it.

I'll be honest - the first stop was also relatively touristy, so actually not mine. It is clear to me that beautiful, worth seeing places, sightseeing and highlights of a country are especially nowadays often shaped by tourists or are “optimized” for them. While you can still discover beautiful, private corners on your own in many other countries, this is simply not the case in Dubai and you should be aware of that beforehand. Nevertheless, we were really always lucky, it was - maybe because of the off-season - nowhere overcrowded and we have everything without the crowds or over-present tourism to be able to enjoy.

Advertising - My Dubai contributions have not been sponsored or supported in any way - but I do not want to withhold an indirect partner from you - therefore a small insert on a completely voluntary basis:

I have been taking photos with Canon for years and have my own second model at home. I borrow from time to time for vacations other models & especially lenses from Canonto put them through their paces. For Dubai I borrowed the Canon EOS 77D with the EF-S 10-22mm lens. The lens has a super wide angle and is therefore extremely suitable for travel destinations with, for example, a lot of nature, where you want to get a broad view of it. I would, for example, also Take it to the Grand Canyon or on safari.

I took a lot of my vacation photos with the iPhone, but these are some of the others three pictures with the Canon + 10-22mm lens originated. I was super happy - the colors are rich, the quality really razor sharp and the autofocus to the point. In these pictures from the Abu Dhabi post (one & two) as well as on these three from the first Dubai post (one, two, three) the wide angle comes out even more in my opinion. The lens is definitely one that I would buy myself for future trips! :)

Canon loaned me the products free of charge and unconditionally for the duration of my vacation!

In any case, at the beginning, after about an hour's drive into the Sharjah desert, we first went to a spot where you could drive quad bikes in a fenced area through the dunes. We both didn't feel like doing that, so unfortunately we had to wait for now. After that, however, we started with the real desert safari and the dune bashing - means that the dunes are made unsafe with the jeep. Of course, only in a corresponding area - of course, touristy, but really amusing and better than a rollercoaster ride if you have a stable stomach. We thought it was great, even my mother, who was a little skeptical beforehand.

Before we got out of the desert with the great, red dunes, we of course had time at some spots, Taking photos, letting the landscape work its magic, and sandboarding once in a while, which is really like snowboarding on sand. I'm a skier and have never been on a snowboard, but I was able to keep my balance really well, so I think about discovering snowboarding for myself on my next winter vacation. Who knows!

We went back with the jeep and towards the Bedouin village. There, in addition to the really good, traditional Arabic dinner, you could do and enjoy all kinds of things on comfortable cushions at low tables (just as you would imagine in a Bedouin village), including Smoke a water pipe, have your hands painted with henna, take photos with falcons or ride camels. We didn't do any of it, we just ate, had a good chat, ended the evening in the desert and watched the dance and fire shows (which were really good! I was expecting an all-inclusive hotel show, but it was really great) .

In fact, we'd rather used the time at sunset beforehand to take some nice photos, which I'm really happy about. The The setting is really fantastic, the landscape incredibly wide and like in 1001 nights - you really felt a bit like Yasmin with Aladdin. Can I recommend the safari excursion that we made at the end of our trip?

Yes, I can do that. I was skeptical beforehand - I already mentioned it. And yes, the desert safari was a little more touristy than the other excursions, a little more well-timed, with a precise program for the tourists to experience the full “desert program”. We just got involved, took part in the things we found good and simply pulled out of the program items that didn't interest us. The afternoon and evening were really great, the red desert is very impressive, it was also the sunset behind the Bedouin village, we ate well, talked to the couple from England who drove with us in the jeep and found each other very nice Made the dance and fire shows really interesting and authentic. So yes - for the price of around 50 € per person, you will always get a great, unforgettable excursion.