Can you make good money in beekeeping

Earning money as a beekeeper - realistic or a dream?

If you want to be a part-time beekeeper, you should have a decent amount of start-up capital. First of all, you need a suitable plot of land. However, this is not even as expensive as many might assume. A forest plot is already available for a few thousand euros. If you are ready to invest around 5000 euros, you should already be able to find something suitable. An area of ​​half a hectare is therefore quite possible. This offers enough space to house bee colonies. For a good bee colony you pay around 200 euros. If you want to earn something, you should definitely get around 50 pieces. This brings you to a total of 15,000 euros. Another 40 euros are due for each bee colony. This is needed for equipment, syrup for wintering and possible interventions (e.g. pests). In addition to the initial investment, however, these are ongoing costs.

In addition to the money required, the right mentality must of course not be missing. Anyone who does not enjoy nature and only pursues the activity for financial reasons will not be happy with it. The sideline is only profitable if you enjoy doing it and if you also want to be a beekeeper as a hobby. It is important to invest a lot of working time. In addition to your actual acquisition, you will therefore only have a little time available. It is best to do beekeeping with your family. In this way you can divide the work and everyone can participate in the acquisition. Of course, since the honey has to be sold, business acumen is also very useful. With private sales in particular, you naturally have the option of getting a few more euros out with a little bit of negotiating skills. Anyone who is familiar with websites can also use this opportunity to sell their honey. It may even make sense to hire someone to do this.