Are unofficial apps legal

Google warns Huawei users against sideloading Google apps

Google apps are reserved for legally certified smartphones
Andre Reinhardt In the trade war between Huawei and the USA, Google often confessed to the China company, but the search engine company has one important comment to make. In the in-house forum, a Google employee summarizes the progress and effects of the embargo on certain services of the Android operating system. The company is well aware that there are illegal ways to get the Google apps on newer Huawei smartphones. Applications are installed from external, unofficial sources. However, due to security risks, Google does not recommend this method.

Google doesn't think sideloading is a good idea

Google apps are reserved for legally certified smartphones
Andre Reinhardt May 16, 2019 heralded a dark era for Huawei. The US government launched a trade embargo, which for the most part prohibits all North American corporations from working with the China manufacturer. Google is one of the companies affected.

In a recent forum post, employee Tristan O. explains that the search engine giant can no longer support Huawei mobile devices that came onto the market after May 16, 2019. Google apps such as Gmail, Play, Maps and YouTube are therefore withheld from newer Huawei smartphones. Security updates are not affected by the measure.

Nevertheless, Google sees a reason for concern in terms of security, namely through so-called sideloading. Here, APK files are installed on the Android phone via external sources. A method that, with a certain amount of effort, can bring back the Google apps and services on excluded mobile devices.

Possible dangers from unauthorized sideloading

"Due to government regulations, Google apps and services are neither pre-installed nor available as a sideload for new Huawei mobile devices," sums up Google. In order to protect privacy and security, Play, Play Protect and the Google core apps such as Gmail and Maps are only available for Play Protect certified smartphones and tablets. Huawei does not receive this certification due to the embargo. In the settings menu of the Play Store you can see whether the corresponding product is certified. Google warns: "Sideloading Google apps can pose a high risk of installing apps that may have been modified or tampered with and compromise security."

Huawei uses its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) as an alternative to the Google apps. However, the range of functions is still manageable.