How to maintain thick hair

Thick hair: tips for shine and suppleness

Headstrong, stubborn, stubborn - sometimes thick hair is difficult to tame. Especially in rain, fog or high humidity, the mane does not do what you would like. Thick hairs are more than 0.08 millimeters in diameter and their surface is rather roughened and porous. Since the outer cuticle is not flat, the moisture can escape more easily and the hair often appears dry and dull as a result.

Care for thick hair

Thick hair requires more maintenance than normal or thin hair. It is important that it is tailored to the special needs of the hair structure. Shampoos and conditioners that provide intensive moisture are suitable for the care of thick hair. They smooth the surface of the hair fibers, the hair becomes smoother and it is easier to comb through. Daily washing only dries out the hair, because every wash cycle rinses out important natural oils that coat the hair and make it shiny and softer. Therefore, two to three times a week is sufficient.

Use a moisturizing conditioner at least once a week. The exposure time is crucial: lipids and fats need at least two minutes to penetrate the hair fiber. Only then is the hair nourished and structural damage repaired. The smooth fabric structure is gentler on the outer layer of hair and the moisture is retained - an additional conditioner effect, so to speak. Tip: Spread hair masks and conditioners with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, this detangles the hair at the same time.

Use hair oil because they smooth the hair structure and the mane immediately feels smoother. Make sure that you use light oils that do not weigh the hair down further.