Ultimate nutrition is bankrupt

Ultimate Nutrition is Bankrupt!

One of the largest and longest-running (40 years) supplement companies, former sponsor of Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson, and former main sponsor of Mr. Olympia Ultimate Nutrition, has gone bankrupt.

Two days ago, more than 150 employees of the American company suddenly stood in front of the closed doors of the Ultimate Nutrition headquarters in Farmington and were informed by a note stuck to the door that their contracts had been terminated the day before (17.08.19).

The company already ran into financial difficulties in 2014, at the time the liabilities amounted to almost US $ 15 million.

Since then the company has unfortunately never got back on its feet and as we have learned from unofficial sources, this is the final end of Ultimate Nutrition, as not only normal employees have been laid off, but e.g. the entire sales department.

The US press was able to learn from former employees that production had been cut back sharply in the last few months and weeks and that night shift employees could often simply go home.

Yesterday, the Facebook and Instagram pages were also removed.

The owner and CEO Bryan Rubino, the person who decided to close the company, is currently unavailable. The management does not want to comment on the current situation either.

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