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Web App of the Week: What The Font

Arial, Helvetica or Verdana: you will probably recognize the classics of web typography at first glance. But that also applies to exotic web fonts? Do you keep coming across fonts on the Internet that fit your project perfectly, but cannot be found in the usual font databases without the correct name? What The Font by MyFonts provides a remedy and is rightly our web app of the week.

Find out the font with What The Font

To find out the name of a font, all you need is a small text excerpt as an image file. The automatic character recognition system What The Font (spelling: WhatTheFont), which was developed by Kevin Woodward at MyFonts, enables web fonts to be identified based on the characteristic shape of their individual letters. The font recognition via What The Font comprises the three steps Upload, Character Section as Results and leads to the result in a few seconds. How to use the web app:

  • Go to the web app at www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ on.

  • Take a screenshot of the text that you want to analyze. A free Tool for taking screenshots is already integrated with the Microsoft Snipping Tool in Windows. This was also used in our test to generate the following image file of a sample text:
  • Pay attention to that Web app specifications for screenshots: What The Font delivers the best results with a letter height of around 100 pixels. The text section should contain around 20 characteristic letters of the font and be aligned as horizontally as possible. The letters must not touch.
  • Save your screenshot locally and use the Upload function of the web appto match the text segment with the What The Font database. To do this, click the button Search, select the image file in the appropriate directory on your computer and confirm your selection with the Continue-Button.
  • The upload is followed by the Character selection. In this step, What The Font automatically assigns letters to each character in your story. Check the assignment and make corrections if necessary.
  • Fonts or punctuation marks that consist of several parts are recognized by the web app as separate letters. Combine separated charactersby selecting an individual part and dragging and dropping it over the other. What The Font will automatically update the view and show you the full character. Now enter the corresponding letter or punctuation mark and confirm the assignment by clicking on Continue
  • Subsequent to Character selection The web app presents you with the five fonts from What The Font's database, the most Matches your text passage exhibit. Once the desired font has been found, you can purchase it directly via MyFonts.

If the result list does not provide a satisfactory result, the What The Font forum offers the opportunity to ask a lively community for advice.

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