How environmentally friendly are you

Green living: how sustainable are you really?

Living in the country is environmentally friendly, electric cars save emissions, bio-plastic belongs in the bio-bin. Or? Show if you can see through these popular myths about living sustainably!

Electric cars are environmentally friendly.

Avocados are an integral part of a green lifestyle.

Sorting waste glass by color is nonsense, isn't it?

If you want to live particularly environmentally friendly, you ...

Glass bottles are more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles.

Electrical appliances are becoming more and more economical. And the electricity consumption of private households ...

Compostable bags made of bio-plastic belong ...

What is meant by “energy saving lamp”?

Apples from the region are definitely more climate-friendly than goods from overseas.

Right of way for climate-friendly bicycles: Does "Tempo 50" also apply to non-motorized two-wheelers in urban areas?

Vegans are the real climate sinners. Because rainforest is cleared for their organic tofu.

You can do better than that!

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