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Walmart Forgets Pie: And the apology is outrageous

It was to be a particularly beautiful day in Marsy Flores' life: She wanted to celebrate her daughter's graduation. But the big day of her life was almost ruined by a supermarket chain

Rather, it couldn't have gone wrong: When Marsy Flores from Pasadena, Texas, wanted to pick up a cake that she had ordered on the day her daughter graduated, the supermarket chain Walmart had to admit that she had forgotten it. But as if that wasn't annoying enough, the reparation creates chaos and dissatisfaction all the more.

Walmart forgets cake

Marsy Flores was quite angry when she wanted to pick up the cake she had ordered at the supermarket cake counter and it wasn't ready yet. The reason: The Walmart employees simply messed up the order. The American made her anger vent to the radio station KPRC: "I was pretty devastated when I was told that my cake was not ready." The branch manager quickly tried to find a compromise and offered Flores to choose an already baked cake from the display. The team would then decorate these with a frosting photo of the girl.

Marsy Flores complains on Facebook

Said and done. Flores took the cake home; the party seemed saved. But when they got home, it turned out that the cake dilemma was a lot bigger than previously assumed. Because the cake that she bought shortly before was not made of buttercream or cream, but made of styrofoam and therefore inedible. When she noticed the faux pas while cutting, she recorded a video together with sister Nellie Flores and published it along with an angry text on Facebook.

Walmart then apologized again and donated the family, according to the "Huffington Post", a $ 60 shopping voucher. A nice gesture, but the Flores no longer like to shop at the supermarket. Nellie Flores even writes on Facebook: "I hate Walmart."

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