What is conspiracy of silence

Silent calls for help? Britney Spears on Instagram and the #FreeBritney conspiracy

I can't get this article by New York pop journalist Caity Weaver out of my head. Because the story of Britney Spears, once the world's most famous pop star, is so sad. And because Weaver is on the trail of a great mystery here. Specifically, it's about Spears' Instagram account, which sets itself apart from the accounts of other celebrities primarily through its oppressive amateurism - so oppressive that you can't stop following it. Instead of professional photo shoots, here you get to see Spears making little Impromptu fashion shows with clothes from her closet like a child. Instead of elaborate advertising messages, there are banal feel-good slogans, which seem all the more strange since the person who posts these slogans is obviously anything but good. Weaver investigates the many #FreeBritney conspiracy theories surrounding Spears' account and compares them with the reality of a life with an all-too-well-documented history of mental health problems. A life that Spears, herself the mother of two children, is only allowed to lead under the tutelage of her father, and that always seems to be on the verge of collapse. A life that she actually leads in a kind of captivity and in which she has no access to the fortune that she has earned. Whether consciously or unconsciously: Perhaps Spears Instagram posts are actually something like silent calls for help?