What are the advantages of studying quantum mechanics

Study of general quantum physics

Are you fascinated by the questions of quantum physics and do you want to be able to better understand articles in the media on the subject? In this compact volume, Wolfgang Osterhage gives you the introduction and overview that you need - even without prior knowledge of quantum physics! The aim of this book is to invite you to think along and learn about the big problems in the physics of the smallest.

A journey through quantum physics is and remains exciting: because although the theory is almost 85 years old and one of the most successful theories in physics - it has not been able to definitively answer many of its fundamental questions to this day. It seems as if Richard Feynmann's saying "I think I can say with certainty that nobody understands quantum mechanics" is still valid.

To make it easier for you to get started, this book begins with the world of thought in quantum physics, which sometimes seems to be at odds with everyday reality. Basic atomic and nuclear physics knowledge is then imparted about the phenomenon of radiation before entering the strange world of operators, probabilities and the measurement problem. Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle flow into the standard model of elementary particles and into quantum field theory.

A short and concise introduction that will give you the overview you need to continue reading - we hope you enjoy your Studium Generale.

The author

Wolfgang Osterhage, born 1948, doctorate in physics and information sciences, independent technology consultant and author, lecturer at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt / Main, lives in the Rhineland near Bonn.