How can I find an attractive man

Find the right partner: 5 mistakes and 7 tips on how it works!

Somehow the worm is inside: You regularly encourage your friends to go to cafes and bars with you on weekends Look out for the right one to stop, but he just doesn't want to run into you! Why is that only? What mistakes you think when Find a partner stand in the way and find out how you can still manage it here!


Finding a partner: You can find these 5 mistakes in the WeG

1. Opposites attract? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that

Initially like the complete opposite of you fascinating and exciting but most likely you will be with someone like that not happy for a long time. Another proverb fits better here: People of the same kind stick together. Our LemonsSwan® method is based on this assumption!

2. "My expectations have to be met, otherwise nothing will work."

When you envision your dream man, you have one exact picture in front of your eyes: Big, blue eyes and dark hair, you have a certain job in mind. Stop! If you are with such specific expectations If you want to find a partner, you probably can long search

3. "Nobody wants me anyway!"

You recently had a date and he stopped calling? Don't let a negative result affect you and drag you down. We tend to have such negative experiences too generalize, however, the next man you meet has precious little to do with the fact that your previous date didn't get in touch.

4. "I am waiting for love at first sight."

Love at first sight is a romantic notion that we all enjoy indulging in from time to time. However, this does not mean that you can find love at first sight in reality. So you're better off being open-minded and trying to get to know someone first. And who knows, maybe it's love at second sight!

5. "The right one will find me"

Fortunately, the notion that men should take the first step is long out of date. However, there are still women who expect men to be approached and who do not actively participate in finding a partner. So in most cases it will unfortunately not work with the dream man. It is much better to take the initiative if you get the chance!

Finally find the right partner: these 7 tips will help you

1. Pay attention to your own charisma!

You would like to have a partner, yes blame yourselfthat you don't have one? When you're out with friends, think the same way "Nobody speaks to me anyway"? With one of those attitude this won't happen either! Therefore it is important: come to terms with yourselfbefore making the effort to find a new partner.

2. Get rid of any contaminated sites

Have you just had a painful breakup and maybe even stuck with your ex? It's incredibly important to this To process pain firstbefore you go looking for a partner again. Contaminated sites prevent you otherwise just about getting totally involved with someone new in your life.

3. Don't leave anything to chance!

If you prefer to spend your free time at home, don't be surprised that finding a partner can be difficult. Around finally the right one You can also help a little when you run into the path: try it out new cafes and bars out, find one new hobby, go to yours Favorite places take a walk or have a look at the Gym around!

4. Think about what exactly you are expecting

So that you do not have to worry about your own expectations it makes sense to worry about these thoughts. The best thing to do is to write a list: document all propertiesthat you want from your partner. Now delete the features that you can do without in an emergency. Only those that are really indispensable should remain. Now you can confidently go looking for a partner!

5. Have courage!

You don't dare to speak to a man and just hope that you will be spoken to? With such an attitude, you can probably wait a long time for the right one. Be confident, flirt when the situation allows, and then go! Do you dare!

6. Don't let yourself get down

You have taken all your courage and approached someone - and have you been turned away? Do not let such defeats discourage you. There could be a thousand reasons this one man wasn't interested in you. Do not think about it for long and talk to the next person. Maybe this is your dream man!

7. Use the Internet

Nowadays an online dating site is the most effective wayto look for a partner. The Members' intentions are clear, in the profile you will find immediately lots of information about the person and you can also sort out who is not eligible. Would you like to find out more about the advantages? Then just read on!

Find the right partner online: these are the advantages

1. Little time for bars or cafes? - No problem!

You have a busy job and on weekends often no desire Looking for the right thing in bars on your free evenings? Then the online partner search might be just right for you! Whether on the way to work, in the evening on the sofa or just in between - you can always go online whenever you want a free minute have to find a partner.

2. The online partner search is unromantic? Not at all.

Honestly, when you speak to someone on the street and exchange numbers, write back and forth for a few days until you meet again. The only difference in online dating? They write directly to each other and then meet for the first time - and who says this won't be totally romantic?

3. Save yourself the first small talk!

When you get to know someone, the first thing you usually hold is something Small talk, in order to be able to assess one's counterpart a little better. You can save yourself this when searching for a partner online: In the profiles you learn so much about potential partnersthat you can go straight to e.g. common interests or personal goals can enter.

4. Filters make the search a lot easier

For you, smoking is one absolute no-go? Then you can from the start filterthat smokers are not even shown to you. So you know immediately where you are and there is no rude awakening at the first meeting.

5. With an online dating site, the intent is clear

If you are out with friends and are spoken to, it is not immediately clear what your counterpart is for Intentions Has. Does he really want to get to know you better, or is he just hoping to go home with you at the end of the evening? With an online partner exchange it is clear - this is where the members are registered to find your partner for life.


Will you get over possible mistakes in reasoning conscious and start looking for a partner with renewed vigor! If you have little free time or are just curious, you should Online dating try it out once. You will be amazed by the many possibilities be!
Here is an overview of how you can start your search for the right one again:

  • Become aware of your own charisma!
  • Get rid of any contaminated sites
  • Don't leave anything to chance!
  • Think about what exactly to expect.
  • Have courage!
  • Don't let that get you down
  • Use the internet.

And now it's your turn: put on your brightest smile and let's go!