White power is dangerous

Designer drugs Anything but harmless - so dangerous are "legal highs"

Legal highs deliberately subvert the laws on intoxicants as they are listed in the Narcotics Act or the Medicines Act. Because their composition is always a little different from that of the prohibited substances - but that doesn't make them any less dangerous and also not really legal.

With these substitute drugs, the manufacturers fill a gap in the market that is aimed directly at young people. Because you can buy a trip for little money on the Internet. Head shops or smart shops often offer hundreds of different types, as "bath salts", "herbal mixes", "room fresheners" or "fertilizer pills".

Mind-altering drugs are hidden behind harmless names such as "Amazonas Vanila" or "Good mood incense"! The instructions for use on the packaging are deliberately misleading in order to give the appearance of "real" bath salts. Often it even says in large letters: "Not suitable for human consumption"! Buyers smoke, swallow, or suck the mixture through their noses. Because it works like cannabis, cocaine or the drug Ritalin, which is abused as a stimulant.

This is what makes legal highs so dangerous

Legal highs consist of waste products from pharmaceutical research! Side effects are no less dangerous than those of "original drugs". They are even more dangerous. There is no information about what is actually in the herbal mixture.

The manufacturers often change the recipes so that the consumer can never count on the effects that he already knows or suspects. Often the herbal mixtures have a stronger effect than known drugs. The risk of overdosing is high! And there are also severe symptoms of inflammation.

Psychotic attacks, delusions, anxiety and panic attacks, muscle cramps and circulatory collapse are currently known. Nobody in the emergency room then knows what the patient was poisoned with. In 2016, 98 people died of legal highs in Germany.