How do gorillas taste

Gorilla coffee in the test | Shut up dead monkey

Today I decided to try the Gorilla Coffee from the “Kaffee Joerges” roastery. That's why I'm in the Facebook group “Coffee machines friends | Tips, experiences, bean selection ”. And as you know, it's always difficult for me to say no.

I'm also just starting a new round of coffee and espresso testing. You can find all reports here:

Danger: Taste is a matter of taste. During critical tests in particular, I have often come across tenacious defenders of certain beans. This is particularly evident in the comments on the Cream Diamonds. That is why I ask you to distinguish between objective and subjective criteria. But I really want to hear your opinion and if you screw up the test and think the gorilla is great, please write that. So the “shut up” from the title referred to the monkey on the packaging - don't worry!

I do not do bind tests and for a final judgment the opinion of a blind tasting panel of experts would certainly be necessary. Nonetheless, I like to add my mustard to anything that isn't in the coffee mug at three and I'm curious whether you know this coffee too. But first let's look at the objective criteria.

  • What is on the packaging?
  • What information is there about coffee?
  • and what do the coffee beans look like?
SurnameGorilla Super Bar Crema
Roaster Coffee Joerges
price13.64 €
Arabica80% (not on the package)
Robusta20% (not on the package)
origin South and Central America (not on the package)
Roast date X
Info about reaching maturity X
Roasting Drum roasting 12 and 20 minutes (not on the package)

Packaging and information

“100% pure coffee. This espresso coffee is roasted according to Italian taste. It guarantees the greatest utilization for every type of coffee machine and at the same time offers you the pleasure of a good cup of true Italian espresso coffee. "

As it should be for a coffee roastery from Obertshausen, it is written in Italian on the packaging. There is no more information about coffee.

The smart ass in me read this sentence a few times. If there was more information on the packaging, I would have liked to refer to something else. But first of all, congratulations. The coffee consists of 100% coffee.

What I'm really stuck with now is "according to Italian taste“(I can already see the bean counter comments). Dear Italians, what do you think of that? On the other hand, I think the “Italian style” is quite ok. You can now dismiss that as splitting hairs. But I'm still wondering what exactly an Italian taste is and how you roast it in Obertshausen. But I admit I can guess what is meant. An espresso in the tradition of southern Italian espresso culture.

But it continues interestingly. "It guarantees the greatest utilization for every type of coffee machine ”.Is "he" actually the one now "Espresso coffee" or the "Italian taste". But apart from that, I wonder what "exploitation" is supposed to mean. Normally I would write: This coffee is suitable for all coffee machines.

But my fully automatic coffee machines are suitable and so is my Moccamaster - let's get started. With the greatest utilization, so to speak ...

I've just reread the text in Italian. Sounds better, but I don't understand either.

But coffee roasters have to be able to roast coffee and not be able to text

Bean image

A conflict trainer once told me to take a deep breath first. I'm doing that now.

I always like to sort out what I call the crazy beans. I take a close look at the coffee beans and pick out broken, burnt, raw, punctured, hollow and stained beans. With very good coffees and espresso there is almost nothing. During the “Gorilla Coffee Selection” I was afraid of finger osteoarthritis for the first time in my life.

There were beans that were completely burned. Immanent fire at its best. Otherwise, I have found everything that I have just listed. And not just breakage, but also really small pieces of coffee that looked a bit like the grind for the Karlsbader jug.

I just let the photos speak for themselves. For comparison, I carefully sorted an espresso from Elephantbeans. Please look at the differences in quality and quantity. Yes, the prices of these espressos vary widely. But for me they are still comparable. But I also compare bicycles to cars. That's why I don't have a car.

On the right are the stupid beans. On the left you can see some of the coffee after sorting it out. The attentive reader will notice that I even missed broken beans. So in a 1,000 g pack of coffee we have (at least) 87.6 g of breakage and defective coffee beans. That is 8.76%. Or differently, if we reckon with a price of 16 €, you paid 1.40 € for these "leftovers".

These are the rejected beans - overall, the coffee looks better!

Here's a comparison to a really good espresso. But that also lags in that I have only thinned 500 g here. But even the double right pile would still be manageable. With that I mean, stupid beans are everywhere.

Gorilla coffee test in the Moccamaster

According to the description, I can use any coffee machine. But of course a coffee blogger with 10 years of experience doesn't do that. It will be the Moccamaster that has served me loyally for so long. I ground the beans with my Baratza Encore. Eyes shut and go for it.

I wouldn't make this coffee in the filter otherwise, but for testing I will pull it through with all the beans.

Freshly ground, the coffee smells much better than expected. I'm surprised. Does this coffee just look bad afterwards and taste good? Am I superficial in my coffee analysis?

But the self-doubts dissipate after the coffee has finished. The chocolate smell has given way to a dull nothing.

  • Aroma: I can only taste the roast. Very dark and smoky. Do you know that when the toast is burned and you confidently say that it is still possible, it is only crispy and then when you bite into it you realize - that was a mistake, what did I do? This is how this coffee tastes.
  • Body: Thin, so thin and yet so bitter. Smoky water.
  • Finish: bitter and it pulls the palate with it. I feel the need to brush my tongue with a toothbrush.
  • Conclusion: absolutely unsuitable as filter coffee!

Gorilla coffee test in a fully automatic coffee machine

That's what it's advertised for, that's what it's made for. Since I have no shortage of these bulky devices, I of course also test in the fully automatic coffee machine.

By the way, I'll try an espresso and a caffè crema right away. I waited before brushing my teeth.

The espresso looks very good. A nice crema. I also liked the cover a lot. This is where the 20% Robusta show their power.

But does the Gorilla Espresso taste good too? The taste reminds me a lot of the espresso of the big coffee house chain with mermaid. But in addition to the smoky, there is also something musty. Even though I've already sorted out the particularly stupid beans. But the gorilla is better as an espresso than from the filter!

It's a little bitter and I don't have any acid on my tongue.

The caffè crema is actually a little better than the coffee from the filter machine. Which is remarkable, because I've never had that. The heat will certainly benefit the brew a lot. The body is still thin and here too the roasting determines the taste.


Oh boy! Now I'm seriously considering whether to use the 87.6 gram fraction to make a comparison with the beans that haven't been sorted out. But I don't want to do that to my stomach or my coffee grinder.

What makes me a little bit desperate at this point is that this espresso really seems to taste like many. And that's ok too. Anything that tastes good is allowed. There are mostly positive reviews on Amazon, as well as in my highly valued coffee machine group on Facebook. In the test of an online magazine at a coffee marketplace ... I even read something about a great price-performance ratio and "gentle on the stomach". Quite apart from how one wants to test “stomach-friendly” at all, I get a stomachache when I look at the rejected beans.

For a roastery that says the following about itself, I expect more. Much more!

“Quality is the top priority for us. We are uncompromising here. When purchasing the coffee beans as well as when processing them carefully and during the conscientious control in the in-house laboratory. ”(See

Of course, nobody can expect a world-class espresso for € 13.64. I already expect that the coffee beans will be in the bag in one piece - afterwards we can argue about the taste.

What do you think of that? Do you see it the same way? Or to try Joschka Fischer: “Beloved opponents”, what do you like about this coffee? Please take a good look at your coffee first!