Cats can have hazel eyes

This tells your cat's eye color about its character

There's something hypnotic about cat eyes, right? We can literally sink into the deep green, brown or blue of their eyes. Some even judge a cat's character from the color of its eyes. We explain which colors stand for which properties.

Just like in humans, genes in cats determine what eye color they get. The color of the coat also depends on it. Up to ten days after they are born, kittens are completely blind and deaf. Only then do they gradually open their eyes. You will still not see their later eye color: In the first few weeks all kittens have blue eyes. From about the sixth week onwards, your cat's eye color can change.

According to Animal Wised, the most common eye colors in cats are blue, green, yellow / orange, brown and mixed eye colors. In the following you will find out which character traits are assigned to each of them:

Blue eye color in cats

When cats have little melanin in their irises, their eyes are blue. Often these also have a light coat. According to Feline Living, cats with white fur and blue eyes are at greatest risk of being deaf. But cats with black fur can also have blue eyes. Blue eyes in cats are often associated with innocence, but also with piercing cold or magic. Which interpretation is most likely to apply to your cat?

Typical breeds of cats with blue eyes are: Siamese, Sacred Birman, Ragdoll, Himalayan, Snowshoe

Cats with green eyes

Green eyes also indicate a low level of melanin. Green eyes are probably the first thing that came to mind when you heard about cat eyes. They are often associated with magical powers. No wonder that the green eye color seems mystical to us: In humans, green eyes are very rare.

Typical breeds of cats with green eyes are: Russian Blue, Burmilla, Nebelung, Korat, Chinchilla Longhair, Egyptian Mau

Cat with yellow eyes

Cats with dark fur appear to have yellow to orange-colored eyes particularly often. Maybe because the contrast makes the eyes shine even more clearly? A cat with this color of eyes often looks cunning or even supernatural. She is also considered headstrong and sociable, according to the magazine "Geliebteätze".

Typical breeds of cats with yellow or orange eyes are: Somali, Chausie, Burmese, Cornish Rex, British Shorthair, Carthusian

Cats with two different eye colors

One eye brown, the other blue - this is also found in cats. The phenomenon of differently colored eyes is not attributed to a specific race, but some seem to be particularly predestined for it. Incidentally, in technical language it is called iris heterochromia. It often seems as if cats with two different eye colors know about their special appearance. They particularly like to be pampered by their people.

The following breeds of cats are particularly susceptible to two different eye colors: Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Japanese Bobtail

Many wild cats have brown eyes

Cats with a brown eye color are relatively rare. For this, there must be a lot of melanin in the iris. There are hardly any (domestic) breeds with brown eyes.

Typical breeds of cats with brown eyes are: feral cats and wild cats