Why aren't there golf balls floating?

The behavior of the crow is easy to explain depending on the species. Their eggs are 41 to 42 millimeters long, which is almost exactly the same as a golf ball (42.67 mm). They don't want to breed. Crows are nest robbers and like to feast on the clutch of other birds, the bravest even grab the partridge and pheasant. Golf balls appear to them as tasty eggs from close relatives that are at most a little too round. A Head Greenkeeper reports: "In the forest next door we often find large quantities of balls. In places where hardly a golfer could ever go. And then we know: There were crows again. To be on the safe side, they first fly far away, peck at them rum, realize that there is nothing to eat and then drop it. "

The chopped balls are only usable for the driving range. One could speak of "crow balls" with crow dimples. But please: Apart from the small financial loss, everything doesn't seem to be that bad. In the case of undoubted robbery, you can drop a new ball with no penalty. That is explicitly stated by rules and decisions.

As a friend of fellow creature crow, I would like to appeal: Don't scold them for their instincts. Perhaps, dear golfer, Corvus corone is learning from your ball that it is not an egg that was laid by a birdie player. And you can help trigger a learning-intensive evolutionary boost. Incidentally, the crow has few enemies - apart from the eagle owl, "an extraordinary lover of crow meat" (Brehm). However, it will not be easy to establish a population of eagle owls as a crowd of crow guards in your golf course biotope.

Let's look forward to the daily performance of the Krähen with Brehm: "They walk well, step by step, a little wobbly, but without any effort, fly easily and persistently, are sensitive and are hardly or not inferior to the common raven in terms of mental abilities." Mocking Shakespeare, we read in the "Merchant of Venice", found the crow's song "as lovely as that of the lark". And at the Royal Colombo Golf Club in Sri Lanka they even included the crow in their club crest 125 years ago, i.e. at the time of the great Brehm. Motto: "As the crow flies." The black plane floats elegantly, in proper style with a snow-white ball in its beak.