Knows Littlefinger Jon Snow

Why doesn't Sansa Stark want Jon Snow to know that she wrote a secret letter?

It's a better story. It corresponds to the way things happen in Game of Thrones. It corresponds to the signs. It was the better strategy in the end. Boltons were defeated because they came into play instead of withstanding a siege. They came into play because Ramsay Bolton "knew" that his army would defeat Jon Snow. They were beaten for being surprised when Baelish arrived.

Why Sansa didn't tell Jon was just for who she is. This is the kind of person she has become. After years of the King's Landing and everything she went through with her marriages to Tyrion (yes, it was horrible for her) and Ramsay, she has learned that under no circumstances will she allow anyone else to control her life. . She will not tell anyone unless it is for a purpose for her.

Sansa is no longer the naive girl who wanted to be a queen and have little price and price. She's seen it all, gone through it all. She is a survivor. She knew Jon Ramsay couldn't beat. Jon fights with honor. . She also knew that she needed someone like Peter to hit someone like him. She wants Ramsay dead and she is ready to use Jon's entire army as bait to get him out. she says after telling Ramsay that he will die the next day.

She also knows that her brother will not survive this fight and accepts it with steely pragmatism. Sansa has become very much like Peter Baelish, in fact.