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Fast Easter chickens | Sewing instructions

So now it is time! Easter is coming. Are you still looking for a nice decoration idea or a homemade addition for the Easter basket? Then I have a last-minute DIY for you today: the fast Easter chickens!

The cackling fellows are sewn quickly and easily and I couldn't stop myself. This is how some chickens were made here too! You can also really use leftovers and combine all kinds of materials with one another.

For the Easter chickens you will need:

  • Remnants of fabric (preferably woven fabrics made of cotton, linen or felt)
  • Felt scraps (max. 1 mm thick)
  • Buttons or pearls for the eyes
  • Fiberfill
  • Cotton cord
  • rice

That's how it works:

Cut two squares out of the leftover fabric. You can vary the size. For the perfect Easter basket size, I have chosen the dimensions 12 x 12 cm. You also cut your feet, comb and beak out of the leftover felt.

Now you put the comb and beak on the right side of one of your fabric squares as shown ...

.. and lay the second square of fabric right side down on it. Put everything in place with needles or wonder clips.

Then you sew three of the sides (the beak and comb are sewn together) with the straight stitch of your sewing machine. Cut the top corners at an angle and turn your chicken.

The best way to shape the corners is with a stick or a knitting needle. Place the chicken so that the two seams meet - a triangle shape is created here.

Now you fill the chicken with polyfill. So that it sits better later, you can fill in rice on the underside. For my size, three teaspoons did a pretty good job.

Now it's the turn of the legs. Cut two pieces of cotton yarn to the desired length here. Then you drill a hole in the felt of the foot with an awl. There you thread the cotton cord with the help of a wool needle and knot it on the underside of the foot.

Fold the open edge of the chicken inwards 1 cm and fix it with needles or Wonderclips. In the meantime you push the legs in and fix them. Then sew the edge together close to the edge.

So that your Easter chicken has a clear view, sew on two beads or buttons as eyes.

And your Easter chicken is ready!

Of course, the chickens look really funny in a group. The hardest thing for me was to choose the fabric suits. These colorful color and pattern combinations make you want to spring and go well with Easter!

I hope you enjoyed my little instructions and you feel like sewing a little something for the Easter basket of your loved ones!

Your Claudia

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by Claudia Günther | 8 comments

8 comments for “Fast Easter Chickens | Sewing instructions ”

  1. Dear Claudia,
    thanks for these beautiful instructions. My daughter (7) has been asking for a long time when she can finally sew. We'll just try that tomorrow and sew little chickens as gifts for grandmas and grandpas at Easter.
    Best regards,

  2. Dear Claudia,
    your chicks are beautiful ...
    I really like it ......
    Put a smile on your face….
    Lovely wishes

  3. Your chickens look very nice. I had already sewn these, but the instructions were a bit more complicated. Thanks for this easy variant.
    LG and happy Easter,

  4. ours are now sitting in the living room on the picture rail! Simply sweet! Thank you again for the lovely Easter present :-)

  5. That's funny, I sewed similar chickens years ago. I have been running a sewing and DIY blog for some time now, stop by and let me inspire you. I would be very happy ;)


  6. Thanks for your instructions that I just used for cat pillows that I filled with catnip without jewelry but finally I know how to get the triangle ... I wish you a funny carnival! Narri Narro