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SaaS solution for simplified technical English

November 26, 2019New

The standard for Simplified Technical English (STE; ASD-STE100) simplifies and harmonizes English texts and makes them easier to understand. The ┬╗HyperSTE┬ź developed by the Finnish company Etteplan is a content checker for English-language texts in order to improve the quality, comprehensibility and consistency of content in accordance with the STE standard. So far, the locally installed software, which has been available since 2012, has been used to improve the quality of the customer's technical documentation.

According to the company, the recently published SaaS variant (Software as a Service) is the first cloud-based STE solution. This service should enable organizations of all sizes and industries as well as individual technical editors to access the content checker.

Industrial companies all over the world use the STE standard for their documentation in order to ensure the best possible security and comprehensibility, regardless of whether the reader's native language is English or not. The use of the STE standard is mandatory in the aerospace and defense industries. The SaaS variant is also intended to lower the inhibition threshold for introducing STE in other areas such as heavy machinery, human medicine, semiconductors, software and consumer products.

According to feedback from Etteplan's customers, significant cost savings have been achieved with the software. The STE standard does not allow for complicated expressions that can easily lead to misunderstandings. That makes the texts around 30% shorter, which in turn reduces translation and printing costs.

According to the company, the cloud-based software is available in three subscription versions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. The basic subscription should cost 35 EUR, the professional subscription 75 EUR per user and month. The pricing of the enterprise subscription is customer-specific. [pm]

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