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Dr. Birgit Ebbert is a freelance author and has been involved in parenting and teacher training for many years as a qualified pedagogue. In addition to children's books and thrillers, she writes parenting guides, learning aids, reading stories and books about working creatively with paper.

by Dr. Birgit Ebbert

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Young people write - not just in a quiet room

Teens like to be called Computer geeks and Smartphone junkies seen who avoid books and everything written. That certainly applies to some young people, but not every adult sits down in the evening and writes a novel, a short story or a diary. A study about British teenagers has revealed that almost half write a short story at least once a month and almost a third a poem.

Probably even are young people more active than adults, just look at the countless posts on the platform "Fanfiction" on, there readers can write new sequels or a different ending to their book or film favorites. Also the large number of visitors Poetry slams shows that there are young people who Enjoyment of writing have and are looking for ways to do this enthusiasm to share with others and be a Feedback for their achievements. And that's more difficult in the land of poets and thinkers than you'd think like that second chapter this post shows.

Separate Writing projects and Initiatives is there again and again, that will im third section clear. From one Broad fundingThere is nothing to be seen, however, as it exists in sport or in music. The Completion of the contribution form Link and literature tips for personal writing development outside of school.

The difficult search for support

In every city is there sports clubs and an urban one music school, in which young people interested in sport and music can indulge their passions at reasonable fees. Such advancement is found for young people who like to write, only in very few places. Mostly the youngsters will referred to the school, but rarely in which Writing groups exist who are active beyond the editorial staff of the school newspaper. Even in City Libraries time the writing support miserable existence, often justified by the fact that young people do not write voluntarily.

writer know that is different. Usually they looked in vain for support even as children and adolescents. And since it is in Internet age It is easier to find out the contact address of an author, writers get today E-mails or letters from young people interested in writingseeking help.

The German lesson offers such help only in exceptional cases, if only because of the content strictly adhering to curricula need to be aligned. Above all, there is talk of the students compliant and grammatically correct write and have to master certain forms of text. The Passion for writing does not appear there. Some stay that way Talent undiscoveredbecause their texts do not fit into the curriculum and discussions, analysis and reports stifle their creativity. Writing is experienced only in connection with assessment and grading and the Fun falls by the wayside.

Of course, athletic performance is also graded, but work is done beforehand to improve the recovery or the throwing distance. The students receive Tipshow they can change their technique. Students experience similar things rarely in German. The focus is on the report topics or the content of the reading, homework is read out and given a grade, and the red error symbols SB or A in class work do not help either.

It is amazing that especially in the land of poets and thinkers advancement aspiring poet like that treated like a child will and the young people largely thrown back on itself and not infrequently that interest in their hobby to lose. But exceptions confirm the rule, as the projects to promote writing in the next chapter show.

Writing promotion projects

Projects and publication opportunities Finding for young writers takes some patience. There are a few Competitions, which are usually limited in time, a number of professional writing promoterswho earn their living with writing coaching and are therefore hardly affordable for young people and few who work continuously Initiatives.
Some interesting projects such as the joint crime thriller from six cities in the Ruhr area or the travel guide to the Spreewald have already been completed, but they show that it is always worth keeping your eyes open possibilities open up to publish your own texts and write together with others.

The following Compilation is therefore a snapshot to help you get started with your research:

The FAZ annually seeks young people who are interested in participating in an editorial project for their project "Youth Writes". The young journalists not only get the opportunity to view their own works in the Wednesday edition read on the project page, but also Tips and hints for research and writing.

In addition to the national FAZ, many offer Local newspapers either a project "Newspaper in School" (ZEUS, Zisch, etc.), where students can find writing opportunities or they encourage talented young people by using their Publish texts or even small writing jobs To give.

The association "Creative Writing eV" in Berlin organized special Writing workshops for teenagers and helping them improve their ability and develop their talents.

Young people can find information on the privately initiated platform "Literatopia" Information from the world of literature (with a fantasy look) and you have the opportunity in Scriptorium to publish your own texts.

The "Initiative Kunstlandschaft Spandau eV" caters for children and teenagers who Poems write one way of doing this too publish.

The "Initiative Schreibende Schüler eV" awards for young people Berlin and Brandenburg annually the Theo Literature Prize for young writing talents.

Links & literature


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