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Pokémon main editions traditionally appear as a double package. This is no different with X / Y. This quickly leads to the question of what the differences between the two versions are, since fans often have to choose one of the two versions when buying. On this page we want to list the differences between Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Please note that it is likely that not all differences will be revealed before the games are released.

Exclusive Pokémon only in X or only in Y

It is a tradition that around 20 Pokémon can only be caught in one of the two versions. This is usually the most important and decisive point for fans to choose one of the two versions. The first exclusive Pokémon can already be seen on the game box: Xerneas (only X) and Yveltal (Y) are legendary Pokémon that will only be available in one of the two versions. However, patient fans can hope that a future special edition on X / Y could contain both or a free choice between the two. We have detailed the exclusive Pokémon below. More about the new Pokémon can be found in our overview of all new Pokémon.

Note that there is no information available about the catchability of Mewtwo. However, its mega-development will also be exclusive, since the required mega-stone X can only be found in Pokémon X and the mega-stone Y only in Pokémon Y.

Exclusive Pokémon only in X (18)

Exclusive Pokémon only in Y (18)

Intro comparison X and Y