How do I start speaking French

Learn to speak French

Have you become curious and would like a few more tips to be able to speak French quickly and easily? With these 5 tips there is no more stuttering or hesitant answering.

1. Dare to speak!

Don't be afraid of making mistakes, just dare to speak French as much as possible. Even if you have the feeling that you do not yet have sufficient knowledge of French, it makes sense to just start talking. This learning method is called by the way Output method.

You will learn a lot from this method quick sense of achievementwhich is a great motivator for further learning. Because unlike other ways of learning French, you don't have to accumulate months of knowledge to start speaking, you can get started right away.

Tip:Practice speaking French with people you know. This also reduces your inhibition threshold before speaking.

2. Listen a lot!

Try to surround yourself with the French language in one way or another as daily as possible: Listen to exciting ones French audio books, interesting podcasts or watch funny Youtube videos in French.

By listening a lot you develop a good feeling for language and automatically improve your own pronunciation.

By the way:The Jicki language showers are perfect for learning French through listening and repeating. Try it out for free.

3. Look for interlocutors!

Look for people in your circle of friends or family who will be with you Practice speaking French regularly.

Speaking to real people will help you become more confident in French. They don't necessarily have to be native speakers either - it is important that you practice together and speak French regularly.

Another advantage: You can motivate each other and establish fixed learning times together. This makes speaking French a lot more fun, and you'll soon be fluent in French!

4. Read French texts aloud!

In addition to hearing spoken French texts, reading French is effective. Whether newspapers, comics, books or magazines, you will definitely find a format that covers your personal interests.

Reading French texts aloud will improve your feel for them language and you intuitively internalize the correct sentence structure. Reading aloud will also help you get used to the Sounded your own voice speaking French and you will soon feel confident in French conversations.

5. Summarize what you have heard in French

If you listen to podcasts or audiobooks in French, write down the most important content points in note form. At the end, you can use your notes to summarize the story or the podcast in French.

You can record yourself or just tell friends about it in French. So you train your listening comprehension and your pronunciation in one.