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Note: The fees listed below must be paid in rupees at the current exchange rate of your representation.


The representations can only issue certificates about facts that are officially known to them. The fee depends on the individual case and can range from EUR 25 to EUR 300.

Life certificates
The German diplomatic missions abroad can issue life certificates. For this purpose, the person concerned must visit the consular department in person. Please bring your passport or other photo ID along with the form. Confirmation of a life certificate for the statutory Annuity or pension is free of charge; in all other cases the fee is EUR 25.

Certification of photocopies

The German diplomatic missions abroad can confirm that photocopies match the original / certified copy of a document if this is necessary for submission to a German office.
The fee for a document in German or another language with Latin characters is EUR 1 per page or part thereof, but at least EUR 10. For documents with non-Latin characters, the fee is 1.50 EUR per page or part thereof, but at least 15 EUR.

Certifications that are required for submission to an Indian office should be carried out by an Indian "notary". Certifications in commercial matters can also be carried out by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.

If you need certified copies for purposes other than those mentioned above, please contact the German Embassy directly and make an appointment.

Certification of signatures

The German diplomatic missions abroad can authenticate signatures, i.e. confirm the identity of the signatory and the authenticity of his signature on a document. This requires a personal interview and presentation of photo ID (e.g. passport). The signature must be carried out or recognized in front of the consular officer. The minimum fee is EUR 20, but can be up to EUR 250 depending on the underlying legal transaction.

Please note:
After a change in the Money Laundering Act, the German representations are no longer authorized to authenticate signatures and verify identity when opening accounts, credit card applications and similar cases.
For further information on how to proceed, please contact the bank that sent you the documents or referred you to the German diplomatic mission abroad for identity verification.
A special regulation only applies to foreign students who want to open a blocked account.


Notarisation is required for a few legal transactions, e.g. for certain real estate transactions, paternity acknowledgments and applications for certificates of inheritance. In these cases, please contact the consular department of the diplomatic mission in advance to clarify existing questions and to arrange an appointment.