What is gratitude in English

Translation of "Dankbarkeit" in English

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I want her mine gratitude express.
The result is twelve calendar sheets full of joie de vivre, gratitude and confidence.
The result of her work is 12 calendar pages full of passion for life, gratitude and confidence.
Flowers: generosity, gratitude, Appreciation, cordiality.
Bouquet: generosity, thankfulness, appreciation, admiration; cordiality.
Once again I feel an indescribable joy and gratitude.
Once again I feel an indescribable feeling of joy and thankfulness.
It's an expression of mine gratitude.
My affection goes out to all of you and I sincerely gratitude.
To all of you, I express my affection and sincere appreciation.
gratitude is a rare property these days.
This crystal formation expresses my big one gratitude for the wonderful offer of help.
This crystal formation expresses my deep gratitude for the wonderful offer of assistance.
The nice feedback from my guests and theirs gratitude.
The nice feedback about good experiences guests have had, and the gratitude.
The many recognitions of his life work filled his heart with gratitude.
The many acknowledgments of his life's work filled his heart with gratitude.
Awe, amazement and gratitude experience.
An experience of awe, amazement and gratitude.
With the greatest gratitude I dedicate this book to her memory.
This book is dedicated to their memory, with utmost gratitude.
One reason for steady gratitude, Amazement and joy.
Which is the reason for continuing gratitude, joy and awe.
Please all feel my love gratitude and friends.
Please all feel my love, gratitude, and joy. I'm sure it's global.
It would be common, mine gratitude to acknowledge.
The usual thing would be to acknowledge my gratitude.
And from gratitude you invited our relatives.
And so in gratitude, you invited our kinsman to visit us.
Eternal gratitude our webbed friends, who by their excited chatter ...
Eternal gratitude to our humble web-footed friends, who, with their excited quacking ...
She has been foaming ever since gratitude above.
She's been bubbling with gratitude ever since.
Neither of us could be the wrong one gratitude cope with.
I don't think either of us could stand the awkwardness of false gratitude.
Just a little token of mine gratitude...
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