What skills are employers looking for in 2018

Finding a job can be difficult at times. Finding the right employer, however, is an even bigger challenge. Are you looking for a new professional challenge, but you are unsure which company is right for you? Do you want to do vocational training or a dual course of study? We'll tell you which strategies can help you find the right company and which questions you should find answers to during the application process.


Tip 1: find your own talents

Before you start writing your applications, think about your strengths. If you already have work experience, ask yourself: Which skills were under-promoted at your previous employer? Which work processes do you like and which do you like less? What should be different in your new job? The clearer it is to you what you expect from your new job, the easier it will be for you to find suitable job offers.

Tip 2: What should your work environment look like?

Find out which qualities are particularly important to you in your new employer. Is the company close to where you live? What travel times do you want to take into account? What should your pay look like? What are your ideas about your new work environment? Are there internal training programs or the opportunity to take part in external training courses? Make a list of the most important points and set priorities.


Tip 3: go looking!

The beginning is done and you are clear about your new work ideas. You can look out for your dream job on job portals. Here you will find companies that may offer a suitable position. Take a look at our free job portal at Jobsocial. If you can, visit job-specific or regional job fairs. There you will get to know representatives of the companies and you will be able to make initial contacts. It is also a good idea to get to know new professional fields.


Tip 4: company pages

On the company's company page you can get an overview of the company's history. Not only are the employees often depicted, you can also read about the employer's vision and philosophy. Often there is also a job portal or an overview of vacancies on the website. This is also an opportunity to collect important information for the interview.


Tip 5: take a close look!

If a company's list of jobs is long, it can mean rapid growth for the company. However, you should be skeptical if job offers are posted online again and again. You are not guaranteed a secure job in such companies. It can also happen that jobs are only advertised for self-marketing. Look for clues about the large number of posts. The duration of vacancies can also provide you with valuable information.


Tip 6: social media

You will not only find current job offers on job portals, you can also find your dream job on Facebook or Instagram. In addition to the information on the employer's website, you will also get an insight into the working atmosphere. You can look at new projects and feedback on the company. Often you will even find short videos or image films that give you a better impression of the company. You may even know people around you who already work for this company.


Tip 7: apply proactively

Do you have a clear idea in which area you would like to work? But you haven't found the right employer in your search? Then just give it a try with an unsolicited application. Companies are always potentially looking for qualified workers. Of course, you shouldn't expect to be invited to an interview right away. Nevertheless, your application documents remain with the company and are retrieved if necessary. But if you want to be on the safe side, just give the company a quick call and find out about possible jobs or fields of activity.


Tip 8: internships

An internship is particularly useful after graduating from school. You have the opportunity to get an insight into a company of your choice and even if there are currently no vacancies, you have the opportunity to find a job. In addition, an internship will be well received at your next interview.


Tip 9: evaluate results

If you have already collected the first results, take your time to weigh the pros and cons. If you have already been to an interview, think carefully about whether you can imagine working for this company on a long-term basis. Don't forget to trust your gut instinct when doing this. It is not always possible to find the perfect job. It is important for you that you grow with your tasks and achieve your career goals in the long term.


Tip 10: stay vigilant!

Your dream company may not have worked at first, but stay vigilant! Always keep an eye on the job selection and find out about new offers, announcements or changes in the company. Follow the social media channels of your favorites and keep yourself up to date and new opportunities may arise faster than you expect.

With these 10 tips, almost nothing can go wrong with your search for the right employer. We wish you every success in your search for the right employer for you!


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