Ok, Google is better than Siri

Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa in comparison: Google depends on them all

To be honest, I'm still amazed at how well my smartphone now understands me. It was really not that long ago that you spoke into your smartphone microphone, laughed at each other for a moment at absurd answers and then made no further attempt to communicate with your cell phone for three months.

In the meantime, however, it works really well, the digital assistants understand us really well and most of the time they also provide absolutely appropriate answers to questions asked. Loup Ventures has now - once again - put the test to the test. All three important voice assistants were tested on smartphones: Siri was tested as part of iOS 12.4, the Google Assistant was scrutinized on a Google Pixel XL with Android 9 Pie and Alexa was finally tried out via the iOS app.

Each assistant was asked a total of 800 questions - and yes, of course all three systems were given the same questionnaire. Then it was first determined whether the software understood the question correctly and then how correctly the question was answered. In total, the questions were divided into five categories:

  • Local - “Where is the nearest café?”
  • Shopping - "Order me more paper towels"
  • Navigation - “How do I get to the suburb by bus?”
  • Information - "Who are the Twins playing against tonight?"
  • Command - "Remind me to call Jerome at 2pm today"

It turned out that there was no herb against Google's artificial intelligence.

In the graphic above you can see that the Google Assistant dominates four out of five categories. Amazingly, this also applies to the “Commerce” category, where Google is miles ahead of Amazon's voice assistant - you would have expected Alexa to do well here, wouldn't you?

Overall, it is noticeable that the questions formulated are almost always correctly understood. Google achieves a whopping 100 percent, but Alexa (99.9 percent) and Siri (99.8 percent) also do brilliantly. When it comes to correctly answered questions, the Google Assistant also leads with 92.9 percent and thus relatively clearly ahead of Siri with 83.1 percent and Alexa in third place still answered 79.8 percent of the questions correctly.

On the last picture below you can see how the AI ​​has developed based on the 800 questions within two years. It is noticeable here how much the “shopping” or “commerce” area of ​​the Google Assistant has developed over the years. Also easy to see: Alexa is relatively clearly behind Apple and Google, but was able to make up a lot of ground this year.

The bottom line is that we can say that we can once again congratulate Google on its digital assistant - and that we can be pleased that the AI ​​of all three providers is getting better and better.

Source: Loup via mixed.de