How difficult is it to hack Facebook

Anyone can use this trick to hack your Facebook profile

"What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook". Just imagine how terrible it would be if someone hacked your Facebook account. Reading all of your messages, insulting your friends, or posting embarrassing pictures or statements on your behalf ... Horrible.

According to British programmer James Martindale, cracking people's Facebook profiles is not that difficult as he describes in this blog post.

It is like this: If you have forgotten your password, you can have it reset using the "Facebook Account Recovery System". For this you will get a code sent to the phone number you provided on Facebook. With this number combination you can reactivate your account.

And here is the crux. Because while Facebook occasionally asks you to check your privacy settings, this does not happen with your contact details. Anyone who has been active on Facebook for a few years may have saved an old cell phone number.

So if someone takes over your old phone number (or buys it, which organized hacker gangs do), it is just a piece of cake to crack your account.

How to use your phone number to hack your Facebook account

Martindale tried it himself. People can be found with their phone numbers on Facebook. You are welcome to check: To do this, type the mobile phone number of any person into the search box:

In most cases, this actually results in a hit: the person whose phone number you entered appears. Our test only failed with a few exceptions.

This finding of people via their cell phone number also works if you are not logged in, as Martindale found out. Simply enter your mobile phone number as your user name when logging in and type in a password of your choice. Since this is not true, Facebook now asks whether you have forgotten your password ...

If you now have the password sent to your mobile phone number (the old one of the Facebook profile owner!), You can log in instead and mess around with his account.

Now, of course, it is highly unlikely that someone who happened to get your number on a cell phone contract would have that intention. But hacking groups are buying old numbers in a big way.

Someone who occasionally has access to your cell phone may also use this password recovery function to gain access.

How do you protect yourself against it?

  • Always keep your phone number up to date.
  • Hide them so that only you can see them (click on the "Edit" pen on the right). All of this can be done via the info field in your profile:
  • It would be even better if you delete your phone number completely. However, you will not have access to the recovery code if you need it ...