Are German students smarter than American students

Are Americans the Most Educated?

cheese balls  📅 22.10.2012 23:48:14
Are Americans the Most Educated?
Hi folks, some of you know the topic for sure and there will be networks on the internet where the topic will surely be discussed in abundance. In America there are most of the so-called elite universities and most of the Nobel Prize winners also come from the States. Is this a proof that the Americans are more educated than the rest of the world? I mean, there must be a reason why, for example, so many Nobel Prize winners come from the USA.

What do you think about that?
Snoopii  📅 22.10.2012 23:54:27
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
Yes, I've also wondered why President Obama got the Nobel Prize. There really must be reasons.
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
Take a look at where many of the academics in the United States originally come from. The USA is still attractive for a lot of people. That's why they get very good workers from abroad. It doesn't necessarily have to do with the education system or the level of education of the American people.
Tom  📅 23.10.2012 00:12:23
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
Since the elite universities in the USA have the largest budget, they obviously attract the best minds in the world -> corresponding effects on the Nobel Prize distribution (apart from the Nobel Peace Prize, which has long been a purely political issue).
The "common" American does not have the educational opportunities of an average European.
That is why I would say: the best top performances come from the USA (even if, as I said, often imported), the broad masses will be more educated in Europe.
Sebastian .....  📅 23.10.2012 00:16:12
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
you have to differentiate. At the top the USA has a lot of top researchers, top companies, top inventors, no question about it. However, m.M. after not in width.

For example, 20-25% of Americans can barely read

in the USA everything is much more unequal. There are more up there and more down there, also from a social point of view.

On the one hand there are top hospitals where, for example, a lung and a heart were transplanted to a patient at the same time, on the other hand 40 - 50 million Americans do not even have health insurance and have to hope that a doctor will treat them for free one day.
Dart girl  📅 23.10.2012 00:22:49
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
Many scientists from the USA also have a Jewish background. Up to 33, many Nobel Prize winners came from Germany.

Of course, money also plays a big role. Many top lecturers are drawn to the USA and to the elite universities because that's where they earn the most money. Most of the students who attend these elite universities are not even Americans.

Why Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize? If I remember when it was ... before he took office, I mean the only explanation I have is that this Nobel Prize was some kind of leverage, because to someone who is traded as the most powerful man in the world, the world's people have high expectations.
D.H.A.  📅 23.10.2012 01:07:35
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
Well, you will be able to check wikipedia to see if that was before or after he took office!
A little tip: it wasn't that long ago.

But the pressure medium can be left as it is, yes.

Top researchers go where they have the best conditions. That is the case in the USA. Unfortunately, only relatively few people in this country have a chance of a very good education or access to it.
Dart girl  📅 23.10.2012 01:41:17
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
Oops. ^^ I just push it to the time. Look at the speedometer!

I'm actually not a person who stamps any issue as a "fact" (in this case: How difficult / easy / qualitative are American high schools), just because I know someone who has attended school in the USA for a year, it is much easier found than with us and therefore thinks that it is generally so much easier there.

I hate these comparisons ... Who is more educated, smarter, etc.?! You can't say that because, for example, the American education system is very different from, for example, the German.

You are not more intelligent or more educated because of your nationality. You get good when you get the right support and you get good support where the conditions are best and as D.H.A. already said, that is in the USA.

Not more.

It is also said of Germany that it is the land of "poets and thinkers." Are we all intelligent beasts now because "German heads" invented things umpteen years ago that were / are revolutionary?

With the best will not. No population should indulge in the success of others. So no: Americans are not more educated / smarter / more intelligent just because many Nobel Prize winners come from the USA. What does the rest of the population have to do with them? I tell you: NICHE!

Anyone who believes that has a high degree of change!
Hucky11  📅 06.11.2012 03:13:29
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
Anyone who thinks the Americans are educated should just take a look at what's going on with the elections at the moment. I don't want to know how many millions of dollars have spent on this show they're pulling off over there.
Maab  📅 06.11.2012 10:01:00
Re: Are Americans the Most Educated?
It's already like the one mentioned above. The masses of the people are not as educated as the masses in Europe. That is m.M. the fact that it's relatively easy to cheat your way through high school if you don't have big ambitions.

I spent a year there and attended a regular 12th grade English course. Vocabulary (!!!) was learned there in order to increase the ability of most people to express themselves. We also treated MacBeth. A year later I dealt with the same work in the English LK and learned a lot more there because we dealt with it much more critically.

But if you do really, really well - then it is easier to become a top scientist in the USA. Good performance in high school -> scholarship for elite university. Good performance there ---> acceptance into a top Ph.D. program, etc.
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