Why is Milo Yiannopoulos Catholic

Milo Yiannopoulos is now "ex-gay" and "fornication free"

Milo Yiannopoulos used to be a welcome guest on talk shows - like here in 2017 on "Real Time with Bill Maher" (Image: Screenshot HBO)

The right-wing extremist provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, who lives in the USA, now claims to be heterosexual. According to a report and interview published on Tuesday in "Life Site News", a Canadian website of radical abortion and LGBTI opponents, the 36-year-old describes himself as "ex-gay" and "sodomy free" ). The British citizen, who was born in Athens, now wants to use his time to "heal" homosexuals.

The right wing activist stated verbatim: "I wasn't really kidding when I joked that I only became gay to torture my mother," said Yiannopoulos. "Of course, I've never really been at home with the gay lifestyle. Who is it? Who can it be? I only showed it publicly because it drove left-wing liberals crazy to see a handsome, charismatic, intelligent gay man, the conservative one Celebrates principles. "

Yiannopoulos sees himself as a martyr

In the conversation Yiannopoulos compared himself to Jack Bauer, the hero of the action series "24" played by Kiefer Sutherland. He had done the "terrible, inexcusable things that nobody else wanted to do, but without which the republic would be at the end". He will always remain a "despised outsider".

Now he is fighting to "cure" homosexuals: "I would like to rehabilitate what the media calls 'conversion therapy'." He also wants to continue to fight loudly against the right to abortion.

The husband is now the "roommate"

His newly found heterosexuality also brings some change in his private life: his husband, whom he married in Hawaii in 2017, is now just a "roommate". "It wasn't easy for both of us," Yiannopoulos claimed - and boasted: "But it helps that I can just afford to give him Givenchy clothing and a new Porsche every year. It could be worse for him, I think."

Yiannopoulos had started his career in the Catholic media in Great Britain and was initially quite good and honest. He later portrayed himself as a shrill "fagot" in the USA (his own name was "Fagot") and rose to become one of the most popular authors in the right-wing extremist online magazine "Breitbart", especially with misogynist and Islamophobic theses. In 2016, he campaigned among homosexuals in particular for the election of Donald Trump (queer.de reported). He called the Republican politician "Daddy".

In 2017 he experienced a career turnaround: At that time he had to leave "Breitbart" because he had propagated the sexual abuse of children, which was too extreme even for the right-wing extremist scene. In 2019 Instagram and Facebook deleted his profile, which caused him to lose a lot of reach (queer.de reported). Again and again there were reports of debts worth millions. He tried to secure his living with appeals for donations.

After Donald Trump's election defeat, Yiannopoulos staged a public breakdown on Parler, a blogging platform popular among conservatives and right-wing extremists. In December 2020 he wrote literally: "I lost everything to get Trump into office. My life and career have been completely destroyed. Was it worth it? No. I feel betrayed. I want revenge." At the time, he promised that he would devote the rest of his life to "destroying the Republican Party". (dk)