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Kenya Travel Report - The Call of the Wild

Enchanting travelersIngrid Stöckl and Michael Hortmann followed the call of the Kenyan wilderness and went on a 13-day Kenya safari through the vastness of the savannah. After a trip to India this was the second trip with us.

Our Kenya travel report

While the beginning of February 2018 announced that it would be freezing cold in Germany, we made our way to the equator with the support of Enchanting TravelsSafari in Kenya to go.

The travel preparations with our personal travel advisor from Enchanting - partly by phone, partly by email, were uncomplicated and her advice and recommendations were confirmed to be competent and appropriate.

Under the target, inrhinos living in the wild to experience andto travel to different national parks, we dared to leave. The first port of call in Africa was Nairobi, this metropolis full of hustle and bustle and contrasts. After a first restful night in a cozy hotel on the outskirts, we quickly left the big city behind us and drove past the lightly snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, the holy mountain of the Maasai with an imposing oneHeight of over 5000 m.

Our driver, even inLaikipia grew up, proved to be extremely knowledgeable and knew how to report from personal experience. We headed for various ranches in the Community Reserves in Laikipia, including a reserve especially for rhinos on the edge of the Aberdare National Park. Right from the start we had a relaxed stay on a German-Kenyan ranch, which we liked not least because of the stimulating evening conversations with the other travelers at the large dining table. During the one of their five daysAscent of Mount Kenya reported, the others were able to contribute their knowledge of the common hunting behavior of the lions.

After three days, we went on to the dry savannah country in shimmering heat. Red earth and dry rivers everywhere: To the Samburu game reserve, where we are in onecomfortable tented camp found a wonderful place to stay. Here in Samburu, too, we went on several bush trips, which thanks to the knowledge and skills of our knowledgeable guide were always new experiences and surprises - be it that we discovered a rare striped hyena or oneLion family with her six-week-old offspring.

But even the view from our safari tent conveyed the magic of Africa to us again and again, e.g. when Elephants came across the Ewaso Ng’iro River and paid us a visit. And on top of that we were happy that we were pampered with excellent cuisine in our tent camp in the midst of this barren steppe landscape. After two nights in the middle of the wilderness, we continued our journey of discovery. Here, too, our driver certainly brought us to our new destination in the Landcruiser, theMeru National Park.

The Meru National Park is still an insider tip: rich in different animals and also little visited!

Our safari camp was very conveniently located at the entrance to this national park, which we particularly enjoyed because of its size and tranquility. In this original volcanic landscape with branching rivers and dense gallery forests we could Oryx and hartebeest, Grevy zebras, elephants, reticulated giraffes anddifferent birds observe in the wild. We especially enjoyed that nobody rushed us and that we were not disturbed by any other visitors; if we wanted, we could stop for half an hour and watch the animals. In my opinion, the Meru National Park is still an insider tip: rich in different animals and also little visited!

One of our safari highlights was thatFlight to the Masai Mara with a “Twin Otter”, a small propeller plane from Air Kenya. A two-hour flight over the East African rift valley offered us indescribably impressive landscapes and conveyed to us the vastness and size of the country with the best visibility. We finally reached our destination and, due to the previous rain, we found almost fresh grassland - a pleasant contrast to the extremely dry savannah in Meru National Park.

The Masai Mara lies on the border with Tanzania and is the land of the Maasai, a country that is still very much connected to its traditionsPeople of semi-nomads. she isKenya's most animal-rich reserve and part of the Serengeti, which extends further south into Tanzania. Our small but nice bush camp was heavenlyMara river and offered us a fantastic view. The evenings by the bush fire, which we ended with a sundowner and indescribably intense dark red sunsets, are unforgettable.

Now it is first of all for us to process these wonderful impressions and sort the many animal and landscape photos before we have a free mind for new goals. Enchanting will certainly support us with words and deeds next time too.

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