RimWorld is a strategy game

RimWorld Multiplayer - a quick guide

RimWorld is one of the 'original' Steam Early Access favorites, an excellent survival city builder game that will take you to the limits of known space and expect you to make a living with deadly 'Mechs, weird aliens and madmen who are the most Time wants to kill you.

It's a modern day sequel to something like Dwarf Fortress, an excellent management strategy game, and a purely solo affair in terms of its original design ... but that doesn't stop people from playing RimWorld in multiplayer. If you enjoy keeping your gang of misfits alive in a hostile world, imagine how much fun you can have with friends.

RimWorld spent five years in early access and since its full release in 2018 has had two major patches and a premium expansion called “Royalty” but no “official” multiplayer support. What developer Ludeon did, however, is to make modding the game even easier. For the RimWorld mods community, we're turning to that multi-person, frontier experience that we all crave.

RimWorld multiplayer

Your main port of call for playing RimWorld Multiplayer is getting a mod called “Zetrith’s Multiplayer Mod”. It's available at the Steam Workshop, directly through GitHub, and the official Ludeon forums. The mod has an official website for more information.

It's compatible with RimWorld version 1.2 as well as the Royalty extension, although for versions of the game after 1.0 you'll also need the Harmony mod installed, a C # library that supports many RimWorld mods after early access.

This is a co-op mod so you won't be able to set up rival colonies or attack each other. However, it does support RimWorld's ability to run multiple colonies at the same time. So going this route allows you to split the different locations between you and keep multiple settlements running at the same time. The game can also desynchronize each settlement at its own pace, with a separate instance of the RimWorld simulation running to keep everything in check.

You can technically have an infinite number of players play together, but the mod developers recommend that you don't have more than eight people playing at the same time.

Hosting a RimWorld multiplayer server

This information was obtained from the Modus official website, but you can also check the YouTube video for help too:

  • Create a single player world, choose the colonists and landing spots you want, and wait for your colonists to come out of their pods
  • Save the game, press the Esc key and click the Host button on your menu
  • Configure the settings you want in the Host window and click Host.
  • When hosting on Steam, users can simply connect from your Steam Friends List.
  • With the ‘direct’ option, users should forward 30502 via UDP.

If you have more questions about how RimWorld Multiplayer works, you can check out the official FAQ page.

Now is a good time to get into RimWorld with your friends, and what better mode than multiplayer. If you don't already have the game, it's easy enough to buy the base game from RimWorld cheaply, although the license fee upgrade is also worth picking up.