Rap only sings poetry

From poem to rap song

The lesson From poem to rap song offers you 12 cool playbacks and playalongs for singing along and afterwards with topics from the realities of life of the children as well as the accompanying song texts and music notation as templates In addition, you will find a short poem for each rap song that illuminates the same topic in a different way and thus offers the perfect introduction to making music together.

With brisk rhythms, heart and creativity - rapping is made easy!

Through creative writing and rhythmic speaking, the children can discover their voice and body as sound and noise instruments and at the same time learn to formulate and articulate precisely. In the realistic and tried-and-tested rap songs, the children's emotional world is addressed, which stimulates exchange in the classroom and promotes social and communicative skills. The texts can be performed flexibly as individual pieces or as a longer performance.

A hit: the song Class trip was awarded 3rd place in the category “Best Arrangement” at the 36th German Rock and Pop Prize 2018!

Contents of the audio files:
  • Track 1: class trip
  • Track 2: Class trip playback
  • Track 3: The math king
  • Track 4: The Matheking Playback
  • Track 5: Louse alarm
  • Track 6: Lausalarm playback
  • Track 7: Disco
  • Track 8: Disco Playback
  • Track 9: pause in movement
  • Track 10: Movement pause playback
  • Track 11: The Christmas tree
  • Track 12: The Christmas Tree Playback
  • Track 13: Alone
  • Track 14: Playback alone
  • Track 15: Sheet music printing
  • Track 16: Sheet music playback
  • Track 17: Reading competition
  • Track 18: Reading competition playback
  • Track 19: Bullying
  • Track 20: Bullying Playback
  • Track 21: swimming
  • Track 22: Swimming Playback
  • Track 23: weekend
  • Track 24: weekend playback
Content focus:
  • Varied rap songs and poems on the subject of "everyday school life"
  • Tips for thematic preliminary relief
  • Rhyme and speech forms
  • Write texts yourself