How do you live like a god

Idiom: How to live God in France

Our reader Ana from Albacete, Spain, would like to know what the expression "How God Live in France" is all about

If we are talking about wealthy people or people who enjoy their life completely carefree and carefree, then it is often said that they led a life like God in France. But where does it come from that God supposedly only feels so good in France? Can't you live completely carefree elsewhere? Of course you can - because the proverb is only used figuratively and fits carefree people and idlers all over the world.

The origin of the idiom is not clear. What is certain, however, is that it was created around the time of the French Revolution, i.e. at the end of the 18th century. Whether before or after the overthrow of the absolutist king, there is an explanation for both theories:

For a long time there was a so-called class order in France. This divided the people into three classes: clergymen formed the first class, nobles the second and all other citizens the third. The first estate enjoyed many privileges, for example its members did not have to pay taxes and accordingly lived in great prosperity. The vernacular developed this sweet life in France into the winged word for serenity, in which God was named as a representative of the entire clergy.

The injustice that prevailed between the individual estates ultimately led the French citizens to revolt against it. In the course of the revolution they fought for equal rights for everyone. They disempowered not only the king, but also the Catholic Church. So God no longer had a job in France and could make himself comfortable. Some see this as the real origin of the phrase.

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