What does IQ

What is the IQ? What is intelligence

In science, the term intelligence is commonly used for what we might call "academic" or "cognitive intelligence". In their book on the subject of intelligence, Professors Resing and Drenth (2007) * answer the question “What is intelligence? " with the following definition: "The entire set of all cognitive or intellectual skills that are required to acquire knowledge and to use this knowledge meaningfully to solve problems with clearly defined goals and structures. "

In other words, intelligence could be said to be how smart or clever you are.

What is the IQ?

The acronym IQ stands for "intelligence quotient". So what is the IQ? The IQ is a measure of your intelligence, expressed as a numerical value.

A person's IQ can be determined through an intelligence test. The average is 100. If you score above 100, you are more intelligent than the average, and below that you are (slightly) less intelligent.

Does the latter apply to you? Don't worry, read up on Increasing Your IQ and Multiple Intelligences. You can also take a free IQ test or read the IQ test history article.

* Resing, W., & Drenth, P. (2007). Intelligence: knowing and measuring. Amsterdam: Verlag Nieuwezijds