Where are the Old Testament saints now

Liturgical devotion to the Old Testament saints in the Latin Church

Schnabel, Nicodemus Claudius (2013) The liturgical devotion of the Old Testament saints in the Latin Church.
Dissertation, University of Vienna. Catholic Theological Faculty
Supervisor: Feulner, Hans-Jürgen
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Abstract in German

After more than 50 years, this liturgical dissertation takes up a thread of discussion that has hardly been spun in the last five decades, apart from a few isolated essays, namely the discussion about a liturgical veneration of the saints of the Old Testament in the West today , especially in the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church, whose current practice of almost complete non-worship seems to arouse almost no offense and is apparently accepted as the normal case. In its first part, the work sketches in a diachronic perspective examples of such veneration in the liturgical history of the Latin Church, before in the second part it presents current examples of such phenomena in the churches of the Reformation from a synchronous perspective; the third part finally focuses on current developments within the Roman Catholic Church in this area. The examples given in these three main parts from a historical, ecumenical and current intra-Catholic perspective aim to critically inquire into the concerns expressed by Bernard BOTTE in 1957 regarding the introduction of liturgical celebrations of saints of the Old Testament in the Roman Catholic Church as "caractère artificiel" and the In this regard, recall the concrete proposal of the “Sub-Commission for the Jewish Problem Area” located at the Pontifical Unity Secretariat in their basic study of April 1961 and, in the final part of the work, look for responsible and practicable ways for the Church of today in the 21st century to avoid those currently to improve the situation.

Keywords in German

western liturgy / hagiology / heortology / euchology / old testament / ecumenism / saints of the old testament

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