How did Samsung beat Nokia

Samsung beats Nokia in the matrix

At least in the virtual world of the science fiction sequel "The Matrix Reloaded", which starts in cinemas on May 22nd, Samsung has beaten the world market leader Nokia. In addition to the Cadillac from GM, Heineken and Coca-Cola, the Korean mobile phone manufacturer is sponsoring the second part and can refer to exclusive material from the film in its worldwide advertising campaign, reports the industry portal today, Monday. In the original by the Wachowski brothers, this part was still assigned to Nokia. Cell phones are an integral part of the action spectacle. The heroes of the film use them to communicate with the real world within the virtual matrix.


The agency Foote, Cone & Belding Worldwide (FCB), a subsidiary of the Interpublic Group, is responsible for Samsung's global campaign. For the commercials of new Samsung products - in addition to a limited edition of a matrix cell phone, a UMTS cell phone with a camera, TV sets and digital camcorders - producer Joel Silver provided the agency with exclusive material from the film. The green matrix code could also be used.

The commercials were produced under strict security regulations in order to avoid premature disclosure of film information. For example, only one FCB employee was allowed to read the script - under the supervision of security personnel. TV spots and other advertising material can be found on the Samsung homepage. (Pte)