How do you reduce the exploitation

With higher cocoa prices against illegal child labor

What should governments in developed countries do to eliminate child labor and improve the situation of cocoa farmers?   

Governments must legally oblige companies to do something about modern slave labor and illegal child labor. As early as 2011, governments decided that companies were responsible for their supply chains, but only on a voluntary basis. As long as this is only voluntary, companies will prefer short-term profits instead of ensuring that human rights are enforced in their supply chains. But the time for voluntary commitments is over. We need clear laws that force companies to take full responsibility for ensuring that there is no modern slave and illegal child labor in their supply chains. Otherwise nothing will fundamentally change. That is why we also supported the demand for a German supply chain law with a clear duty of care for human rights and the environment.

And what should the governments in the main producing countries do?

You already do a lot. For example, they have transposed international conventions into national laws protecting against child labor. Their investment in education is also important to enable children to go to school. Ghana has made great strides in this area. As for international supply chains, I believe that it is the big companies that need to do more to really change the situation fundamentally.