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Even if it is not the top trade now, something else happened on Sunday: Brewers catcher George Kottaras switched to the A's on the initiative of Oakland, in return Reliev pitcher Fautino De Los Santos came.
From Brewer's point of view, this makes perfect sense, since with Lucroy and Maldonado you have two capable catchers, both of whom are younger than Kottaras, and every reliever is generally welcome.

It would have been Greinke's turn to pitch at Miller Park today, but he lost his debut for the Angels. So Mark Rogers started in his 3rd MLB start. While he immediately served the first Washington Nationals hitter a solo home run, he did quite well after that. One more run, but only one walk and 7 strikeouts in just 5 2/3 innings. He was adopted with a standing ovation. I've only seen him once, but his fastball is fast (up to 98 mph) and with pinpoint accuracy, but he doesn't seem to have the very large throwing repertoire.
His counterpart Gio Gonzales, a top man according to his statistics, disappointed me quite a bit. Walks without end and two Hit By Pitch, some with runs as a direct result. After Rogers had to get out of a dicey situation in the lead, Henderson and Hernandez took over, who gave away the first run of the Reliever. It was followed by K-Rod (does that actually stand for Catastrophe Rod?), Who once again pitched incredibly badly, 1 walk, 2 hits and 3 runs are his account. Axford started well at first, but he also gave up a run that meant another blown save. And now it comes: In the following half-inning, Nori Aoki and Carlos Gomez got back to back solo home runs, so they led 9-7. Master Axford could at least have gotten the win and for the first time in his career faced the stroke at the highest level, where he only watched the balls with great interest. To cut a long story short, after a fly out Axford walked the next hitter and Mike Morse managed the 2 run home run to equalize again. You can't believe it. Then I knew the game was still going to be lost. Veras managed to get through an inning without a run before allowing 2 runs ...

So with Ryan Braun you have the best home run hitter in the NL in your ranks, even beat the most home runs as a team in the NL, and anyway a fantastic run support and still no chance of the postseason.

The Red Sox are currently leading the Yankees in their 3rd inning. Regardless of the final result, but I have the feeling that these two teams have only been playing against each other for weeks.

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